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Author: John Hand

John Hand

Raised in Houston, John learned many things: be bold, be confident, be nice to all, and have fun—concepts that are his mantra today. At age sixteen, John began his retail career, where he worked in and later managed an upscale family-owned fashion store. Post-college, he created a luxury interior design firm, which utilized his education of fiber identification, structure, and wear characteristics. John is a strong believer in the concept that design follows function, especially in fashion—the body is akin to the architecture of a home, meaning the strong points must be accentuated while the weaker points should be minimized. Clothing, according to John, is all about the final product or visual presentation. Clothing should make a statement before you speak—after all, your clothing choice is others’ first impression of you. Your attire should be natural and relaxed, yet appropriate—which adequately reflects your style and personality.

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