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Style and Dress Code for the Man in His Forties

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This decade in your life ideally should be “the rocking chair” period of your life. You have settled into a comfortable life with fewer unknown variables and are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel (career, home life, and financially). Sure, there will be momentary hurdles that will command more attention…which is just confirmation of having a life.

You have settled into a comfortable life with fewer unknown variables and are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Allow yourself and your wardrobe the “permission” to be reflective of this era of well adjusted self-confidence. This can be a fun and a creative adventure for you, as it should be.

John article for MG Magazine.1

Things to adopt into your wardrobe:

The “bold” blazer with a dark wash jean (well fitting).

A bold blazer can be attention-worthy and fun, whether it be in color, pattern, or texture. Always keep in mind that the blazer really needs to be well-tailored to your specific body at the time of purchase, not where you want to be in six months.

A bold blazer can be attention-worthy and fun.

Personally, I am a big advocate for a two-button blazer with a lower top button giving a more vertical (taller) presentation. If you have a thinner build, you can wear the thinner, more fashion-forward lapels. Please keep in mind that these are more trendy. If your body type is a bit thicker or square, opt for a more substantial lapel to keep a much better scale to your shoulder and facial structure. Look at yourself in the full length mirror when trying something on. Focus on the following points in a blazer or suit:

  • Shoulders (too wide/tight)
  • Depth of the armholes (for this, you want something that is comfortable to be seated in)
  • Depth of the gorge: the length of space from your neck line down to the first button. (Too shallow of gorge cuts off the face/body and makes one look shorter; too deep of gorge makes it look like you borrowed someone else’s jacket.) article.2

Statement suits.

At this point, you have your stable suits. Down South, we call it the “Triple C” suit: church, club, and cemetery. Ideally a dark navy or gray or black with minimal pattern, or a grey or black patterned suit appropriate for various business or social functions.

You also have your summer suit: cotton, silk, or linen or linen fabric, light in color, and a much more casual look (not to mention temperature-friendly).

One thing most men don’t have, though, is the statement suit.

One thing most men don’t have, though, is the statement suit. Here again, push that personal style envelope. Statement suits are usually characterized by more intense colors or patterns. This is perfect for all social events and more creative business functions.

In this particular suit, be daring. Go big or go home! That can mean color or another pattern in the shirt or tie, and even a well-fitting T-shirt under the jacket with some aggressive shoe choices without socks. Casual but still understated. That’s the fun part of this. Some will take note of your attire and others won’t—it’s a major part of the fun. Relax and enjoy the adventure—see what your results may be.

John article.4

Casual wear. article.6That can be trousers or jeans and a short sleeve or polo shirt. Just make sure everything is tailored to your body type, not some billowy amount of fabric on your body.

Shoes for casual wear can range from flip flops, a tennis shoe, or loafers. This is strictly up to you and your outing.

NOTE: Men, get a pedicure—especially in the summer months of flip flops or sandals. You can do them at home, or go to a professional nail salon. Keep your feet in shape—that means nail bed, nails, and removal of those callouses. You will be amazed at how great your feet feel after the treatment.

A trend of our society is that this age range is seeing a dramatic increase in the percentage of men that have a bit of plastic surgery done. Whether to stay competitive in the job market or for personal reasons, if that is what you want to do and are comfortable with it, then go for it. Just be aware that it is a surgery and can have complications. Do your research and make healthy decisions.

At this point in your life, be grateful for everything in your sphere, be happy, and enjoy whatever the day presents to you.

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  1. Avatar deb-slavec says:

    Great article John! The Adatto suits are SO nice!
    I think more men should get pedicures in the summer too!

    Love that bracelet on you! So cool you’re wearing it in the picture. :)


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