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Executive Team

Martin Alvarez – CEO/ Editor-in-Chief

martin.alvarezMartin began his career at Automotive Restoration Technology where he was responsible for securing venture capital to launch a mobile automotive paint franchise in Fort Lauderdale, FL. He then had the vision to move the Florida-based operation to Denver, CO and introduced that market to the automotive mobile paint technology. Martin was responsible for attracting new franchisees to the company as well as overall growth within the Denver market.

Taking his experience from Automotive Restoration Technology, he then founded his own automotive reconditioning company, Automotive Alliance, in 1996. As CEO of Automotive Alliance, Martin continues to maintain contracts with national companies, such as Enterprise Rent-A-Car/Car Sales, Budget Car Sales, National, Avis, Alamo, and many more auto dealerships/fleet companies. He has been responsible for setting up training programs and instructing and teaching in all areas of automotive reconditioning.

Martin has an extensive background in leadership and public speaking to a variety of audiences on topics such as personal growth and life management. Martin is currently a member of the Denver Chamber of Commerce. In his spare time, Martin enjoys hiking, mountain climbing, kayaking, rafting, scuba diving, fitness training, golf, and the great outdoors.

Kristen House – Senior Editor

Kristen was the girl who, in grade school, would read instead of play at recess. She was soon reading five books a week. Obviously, she has had a passion for words her entire life.

Kristen earned a degree in English at Boise State University and, after several writing internships and jobs, chose to pursue a freelancing career. She now provides editing and writing services at her online business, Kristen Corrects, Inc. ( Since 2003, she has specialized in writing and editing website content, e-books, and blogs.

In her free time, she loves reading all genres of books, writing short stories, learning French, and spending time with her two cats—and working buddies—Sophie and Charlie. She is the author of A Larger Silence and lives in Meridian, Idaho.


Deb Slavec- Jewelry Designer for MG Jewels

Deb_Slavec_bio_photoDeb started making jewelry in 2002 after discovering a deep love for taking beautiful metals, leather, and stones from the earth and transforming them into unique artistic expressions. Her work involves a combination of bead embroidery, metal work, leather tying, and precise wire wrapping, and borrows from traditions such as Native American loom beading.

She feels fortunate to be designing for Modern Gladiator magazine, as MG reflects many of the positive intentions and qualities that she infuses into her work, namely: power, honor, discipline, and strength. She is always honored to see others wearing one of her pieces because to her, it reflects a direct transfer of those positive qualities to another person.


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