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The Arena

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In the arena, or our modern-day workplace, motivated and disciplined combatants compete and strive to reach their greatest potential. It’s the battleground where we showcase our talents and prove ourselves. In this battleground, as a gladiator, whether you wield a hammer and screw gun or a pen and briefcase, we display our training by putting forth real effort and utilizing the skills that we now possess in order to produce and advance ourselves—much like the gladiator of old—toward our ultimate goal: freedom.


A gladiator’s life was not easy. Prior to entering the arena, he went through training that was both methodical and rigorous. He studied the different styles of fighting and the use of weaponry. Though a gladiator may have had a particular weapon of choice, a good gladiator acquired a strong knowledge of defenses against different weapons. He maintained his daily regimen to gain the highest level of skill in the arena. He remained focused in his endeavor so that when he fought, he would emerge victorious.

Gladiators fighting in the arena

Just like the gladiators of the past, we too, as modern gladiators, must endure our training and fill our arsenal with acquired knowledge so as to survive in our modern-day workplace. The “arena” of today is just as unforgiving as in the days of ancient Rome. If not on his “A” game, an ill-prepared gladiator can find himself quickly eliminated from the games. It is therefore imperative that we diligently forge forward knowing that the key to our success lies in obtaining proper training and implementing the tools we have in our possession so as to maintain a competitive edge.

business sword play-business:gladiator

I stress training, because in a workplace where we have encountered many technological advancements that have brought forth the creation of new industries that did not exist fifteen years ago, we are always facing change and should be vigilant in keeping up with those changes so as to stay a step ahead of the competition. It makes no difference if you are a CPA or a machinist at a factory position—you will encounter changes in your position where you will have to adapt to remain competitive. If not, you risk a great dis-service to your position.

As a CPA, for example, you have an obligation to your clients to keep up with all the new codes and changes to tax law so that you may provide the level of service they expect. If not, they will find someone who will. As a machinist, with all the new development with shop machinery, specifically advancements with Computer Numeric Controls, it is the ill-prepared machinist that did not keep up with progress who will be replaced. There are plenty of CPAs and machinists out there to keep the competition fierce. It is up to you to maintain your education in your field and keep up with changes so that you may stand out above the rest.

You have remained diligent in your task. You have adapted to and embraced the changes you have been confronted with. You have found continuous success with your endeavors in the arena. When a gladiator had fought well enough and long enough, he could obtain the ultimate prize, the rudis (his freedom). As a modern gladiator, with hard work and dedication to your position, you too can one day find your freedom: stability in the workplace.


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