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What is a Real Man?

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A real man is…?

Too often these days a man—a real man, a good man, a man of any age or ethnicity—is often defined by his size, his strength, his accomplishments, his skills, his smarts, his looks, his connections, perhaps even his generosity.  In the right perspective, those do carry merit.  Well, to an extent.

Retooling what an ancient sage once said, “As a man thinks in the deepest parts of his masculine soul, that’s who he is.”  Based on that bit of wisdom, let us retool how this first column began.

Let’s get personal, for but a moment.  How would you define yourself?

As a man, I am…

What are the honest words or short phrases that sincerely define you?  For the good man you were designed to be.  In what ways would your five best friends agree or disagree with what you just wrote down, or thought?

At the invitation of Martin Alvarez (CEO/Editor-in-Chief of Modern Gladiator), it will be a deep privilege in future publications of Modern Gladiator to think through with you what all it takes to be a real man.  Three thoughts he shared with me ring true here in the distinct purposes of this excellent magazine defining the modern gladiator:

He is a man who still appreciates and recognizes the importance of maintaining “old world” values and ideologies in today’s fast-paced and technologically advanced world.

He is perceptive, discerning, and honorable.

vitruvian man

He values the importance of being fit in mind, body, and spirit and has the foresighted wisdom to see the future benefits of living a life now that is holistic and well balanced.

No matter your age, or the joys and sorrows that have already been part of your personal journey, as men on the grow, we can always learn more about being real, about living into our unique design.  You are alive, not by chance, but here, now, to live on purpose.

It is an honor to join with the team of Modern Gladiator in this daring, dedicated, and worthwhile pursuit to help you discover more about living fully into who you are and who you want and need to be.  You are not alone.  We are in this together.

Here’s to you!  Here’s to all the days of your life…!

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