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Call To Purpose

Are You Heeding The Call? A Call to Purpose for Modern-Day Gladiators

on October 1 | in Issue 11 | by | with 2 Comments


Is a call beckoning you, “Could there be more to life, a purpose, a difference to make?”

Will you lean beyond the edge to reach the next level for yourself and the people you impact?

Every man has a gift to give, a purpose to live, and a vision he can build for a better self and world. Yet for most, how to discover and implement this whole-heartedly remains a mystery…until now!

  • Your GIFT is fuel for the journey.
  • Your PURPOSE is thrust.
  • VISION is your compass.

From the recent article in Modern Gladiator written by life purpose expert Mike Valentine, there has been significant interest in how a man discovers his Gift, Purpose, and Vision. To that end, we have prepared the following rare opportunity. The Call to Purpose takes you on a journey of awakening in the realization of your Greater Self. It begins with a private and transformational experience limited to 12 men where you will:

  1. Experience a deep awakening as what has held you back becomes vividly clear.
  2. Pass a distinct point of no return.
  3. Discover the treasure of your transpersonal Gift, Purpose, and Vision.
  4. Create a 10-year vision as true north for your life.
  5. Magnify the strength and harness the power to live on purpose.
  6. Create a life purpose game to set the course for making the shift to live on purpose.

You will spend time with the founder and producer of Modern Gladiator magazine, Martin Alvarez, and his team of experts in their respective fields who will aid in setting men on their path to become modern-day gladiators. This is an opportunity to influence and participate in his global vision of better men! MG’s driving force is to help men become modern-day gladiators by providing them with the proper tools and motivation to help unlock their greatest potential in all areas of life, including family, community, business, and spiritual and personal growth.  MG’s goal is to empower men to achieve qualities—such as focus, initiative, and strength, combined with a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise—to survive the daily challenges of our modern world and become champions.

When:  January 22, 23 & 24, 2015

Where:  Denver, Colorado

Cost: $975

Do you have the courage to say, “This is it—my turning point!”?

Click here to apply to be one of only 12 men who will be selected to participate in this life-changing experience. If your application is approved, Mike Valentine will contact you for a personal Life Purpose consultation to assess your readiness to make the shift to Live on Purpose. Together you will make the final decision about your participation. Our promise: the next level of Freedom, Power, and Purpose with what is important to you.

To start your shift to Life On Purpose now, apply here.

Mike Valentine:

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2 Responses to Are You Heeding The Call? A Call to Purpose for Modern-Day Gladiators

  1. Avatar robertham says:

    I think this site is great, but it’s missing the “bigger picture”. I have browsed multiple articles and spotlights but can’t find any relation/correlation to any “faith”…doesn’t mean Christianity or any specific belief system but there isn’t any advice on this site that is guided and directed by any higher power than a few men and women writing about what’s right and wrong. Faith is what guides us in the darkest hours, as gladiators surely faced, but nothing can be found on this site to suggest the same. I consider myself a true Modern Gladiator because my principles come from a source of faith and in adhering to them, have received great blessings, strength, and success.

    • Robert, thank you very much for your commendation and constructive criticism of Modern Gladiator. Your support and readership is very much appreciated and we value greatly your thoughts and comments.
      It is true, you will never see any one faith promoted by Modern Gladiator or it’s writers. The reason for this is because this is not a religious based magazine, rather it is one that focuses on “helping build men up to be come better men.” Although we believe worship and a religious experience can at times bring this about we also feel that with in each and everyone one us there is an innate conscience, an inner sense of what is right and wrong. We promote men doing the right thing based on whatever form of worship they may choose to do so, at the end of the day, being a Modern Gladiator is stepping up and doing the “right thing.” At times, we all need a little admonition and coaxing toward that end and that is where Modern Gladiator helps men to see that they are not alone and their is a “brotherhood of men” that desire to focus on building themselves up as well as those around them.
      We hope that you join our crusade in helping to “build up” and elevate men. Although we do not promote any religious entities we do recognize that worship of a “higher being” is the key to helping elevate a man and recognize is true purpose in life. We all need direction in this darkened world, it is the hope of Modern Gladiator to provide a little “light” and guidance to help men and women to work together in achieving the same goals- inner peace and contentment.

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