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Letter From the Editor

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I want to start by using an analogy that is uniquely appropriate to my opening letter.  Guys, do you ever feel like a mouse trapped in a dark maze with no real exit, where with every corner you turn there is an apparent trap? A trap designed to lure you in, chew you up a bit, and spit you right out, only to find yourself right back in the maze to do it all over again?

Today, we live in a world that has become so technologically advanced, so glutted with a plethora of opinions and choices, that for many (myself included) it is often hard to see the forest from the proverbial trees.

How does one decipher the “traps,” what is “real” versus what is another disingenuous ploy to extract money from your pocket?  Where can you turn to for real answers that help navigate you through this darkened “labyrinth” we call life?

My brothers and I started asking similar questions about a year and half ago.  It was then we decided that with our collective efforts, past experiences, and variety of different educational and occupational backgrounds, we were going to put together a resource guide designed specifically for men.

Hence, the birth of the brotherhood of MG (Modern Gladiator).

MG magazine will serve as a source of material that can help men navigate through this dark “maze” of life.  Is there no exit?  We believe there is.  The question is, How do we sift through it all?  How do we find the solutions to the problems that we face on a regular basis?  The answer is simple—we must have the resilience and the fortitude from within.  We must have the courage to turn to one another for help and support.  We must have the strength to be willing to make the right decisions even if they may not be popular among our peers.

So, to reference the aforementioned analogy, the question is, Are you going to be a mouse, a man, or better still, a gladiator?  Hell, I don’t know about you, but I want it ALL—I want to be a gladiator!

Gladiators were extremely focused men, fierce in their tasks at hand. They never backed down from a challenge and maintained a strict diet and exercise regimen.

They constantly focused on their emotional, mental, and physical aptitude.

We want to take those same qualities and aid men in applying them to their daily lives in this modern world.

We invite YOU to join our brotherhood of Gladiators.  Read MG for the tips, secrets, and knowledge of how to be a gladiator.  Our magazine will touch on a variety of topics that are confronting today’s modern man and will focus on more “lifestyle” topics such as finance, sports, leisure, politics, dress, grooming, fashion, health, fitness, diet, community involvement, and much more.

Our first feature article will be a four-part segment titled, “Defining The Modern Gladiator.” You will receive an accurate rendering of the ancient life and history of the gladiator: how he thought, how he lived, and what made him a “titan.”  We will make a modern day parallel and application as to how we can benefit from such an ancient example.

It is our desire that MG’s purpose will constantly resonate with our readers.

We aim to provide men with the proper tools and motivation to help them unlock their greatest potential in all areas of life, including family, community, business, spiritual, and personal growth.

 The result:  Forging men into gladiators, the champions of their world arena…

 Now is the time, gentlemen… Gladiators are back!

 Join the Revolution!





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