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Is Your Heart Healthy?

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Symptoms Not To Overlook for Men and Women

Men tend to have most of these common symptoms:

Chest Pain

You may have signs of discomfort and pressure usually located in the center of the chest.

 chest pain-health


You may be feeling dizzy or possibly faint.

Nausea & Vomiting

You may feel sick; it’s very common during a heart attack to vomit.


Shortness of Breath

You may be taking deep breaths, mimicking exertion, as if you just did a sprint. This could also be accompanied by chest discomfort.


You may have a continuous cough in response to fluid buildup in the lungs.

man coughing-fitness

Women may experience less chest pain and more complex symptoms:

Distal pain

You may experience pain down the arms, radiating across the upper back, a clenching jaw, or even severe neck pain.   All of this may be without chest discomfort.

Abdominal pain

female abdominal pain-health

You may have abdominal cramping pain or a sharp stabbing feeling.  Most women are very in tune with their abdominal region, so they can distinguish urgent pain.


Unexplained Fatigue

You may feel very tired or lethargic.  Your daily activity might feel like a marathon.  This may be ongoing leading up to the day of your myocardial infraction.

tired woman at comp-health

Unexplained Sweating

You may have a cold sweating feeling, with no activity.

Heart attack symptoms present themselves differently depending on the individual, so don’t dismiss any possibilities.  The most important rule of thumb is don’t waste time if you are experiencing these yourself or witnessing someone else with these possible symptoms. Get help immediately and call 911!




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