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Style and “Dress Code” for the Man in His Thirties

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Part Two of our series on age appropriate wardrobe: Your thirties.

This is yet another period of transition from entry into the work arena into a solid seasoned career professional. A few variables on your plate are likely single, newlywed, new parent, or re-entry to the dating scene.


This is a time to be introspective on which facets of your persona fulfill you best, and some spots that could be honed. We all have them—it’s called being human. This is not something that is always comfortable, and you must excavate from within. But, if you truly want to grow—both mentally and emotionally—and get off the “singledom merry-go-round,” then personal growth is your building block for change. BE introspective!

How we feel about ourselves transmits to everyone in our sphere by our selection of our wardrobe for the day.

How we feel about ourselves transmits to everyone in our sphere by our selection of our wardrobe for the day. Like it or not, this is valid. Think about how you feel when rushed to get out the door versus how you feel when wearing that “new” suit/sport coat or new shirt and tie combination. You feel excited about the new addition—and it impacts your day in a positive manner.

Ideally, we give a good bit of consideration to our wardrobe options when we have a date with someone special or we want to make a good first impression with a business liaison. That extra amount of thought into “how” what your wearing makes you feel and allow it to contribute to your event at hand.

Single professional wardrobe

Adhere to the company policy yet still keep your own personality (within reason). This can be done in minor ways like using a patterned/bold sock, a cognac/grey colored shoe and belt (rather than dark brown or black), or mixing up black or charcoal suit/sport coat/slacks with cognac- or grey-toned shoes in lieu of black. Go for a patterned shirt (other than blue or white) with a statement tie with your suit or sport coat. Have some fun with it! Push your style envelope. Then reflect to see what works and doesn’t.

Remember those days of walking into a banking institution and looking around at the sea of navy or grey suits at the desks? BORING! Corporate dress has morphed with the times. We can all thank Hush Puppies for the dress casual trend that has filtered into the corporate realms. (Yes, it is a well-known fact that the little shoe company evoked that change.) This is a segment of your life to be daring and experiment and branch out into new areas of your life that will give you the panache of style that will become a constant of who you are.


You’ve just embarked on a huge life change—congratulations! Where you once only had to consider yourself in what to eat, where to go, what to wear or not or not wear, or how to place the furniture in your home, right down to the cap on the toothpaste, you now have someone else’s thoughts/opinions to take into account. As you should! It’s a wonderful aspect of life and maturity. Sure, it’s an adjustment.

Allow your partner to contribute their thoughts on your wardrobe.

Allow your partner to contribute their thoughts on your wardrobe…they would not have an opinion one way or another if they did not care about you. Even you have your likes and less than preferred items they opt to wear too!  Listen, ask questions, and filter it down to the reasons “why.” Be kind and honest when you have this conversation. You both have the other’s best interests at heart here. Remember: This does not mean you just donated your male anatomy or spine when it comes to your wardrobe selection. Keep your voice. I cannot tell you how many times I have witnessed the partner wants one style of outfit and it just turns into a debacle. Neither are happy with themselves or the partner because they feel they are not pleasing or appealing to the spouse. Key tip on this….communicate!

New parent

Giant lifestyle changer, not to overlook the aspect of being responsible for a new little one in this world. During the course of the pregnancy, her body changes and so will your yours. It’s not uncommon to add a bit of additional weight yourself due to compassionate eating. It’s okay. What you both add on weight wise you can both take off together as a combined goal. (Granted, men can drop weight faster due to how we metabolize fat and all the hormones that women are still re-aligning post pregnancy.)

Being a new dad doesn’t mean you suddenly have to start losing focus on what you like to wear. Keep on wearing a physique appropriate slacks/jeans, and shirts or polos. A number of dads step in the falsehood that they “should” dress a specific way—much more conservative or dull…nope! Dress in a manner of how it makes you feel great. Remember, you still have a partner to look good for—especially now, on date night. If you like patterns and colors, solids and whichever color tones do it…be true to yourself. At any given moment you will be wearing clothes smeared with spit-up or drool—and don’t forget changing diapers. Enjoy those moments. It’s something to laugh about for years to come. We do.

Being a new dad doesn’t mean you suddenly have to start losing focus on what you like to wear.

Re-entry to the dating scene

This is daunting but not terrible. You’re now on your own—so be it. Take stock of where you are mentally, emotionally, and physically, then form a solid plan to achieve obtainable goals. This can be a very ungrounded time for you, which can manifest in many ways, such as new clothes, cars, cohorts, and friends. This is all part of the process of redefining who you are now as a single adult. But just because you’re venturing into these avenues does not mean they are permanent. I prefer to treat this period in life as a “buffet”: a sample of this or that, a tad more of that (again), and then move on. This is a time of a state of flux. Your wardrobe should be tossed into that same category. Try that out of character shirt, sport coat, or jean.  It’s not a huge financial commitment. Notice I left out an out-of-character suit? It’s because often its a more severe financial investment. Besides, what you decide you like at this point in time and later as your get better clarity can always be given to a friend or donated. It’s clothes, not a tattoo!

modern gladiator_scarpaletto_photo12

Be attuned to how “you” feel in what you’re wearing.

In synopsis of this decade of your life, please be attuned to how “you” feel in what you’re wearing. It’s not the label in the back, the price tag, or what the latest and supposed greatest fashion magazines “say” we should be wearing. All that is marketing! Be true to yourself and your loved ones. Enjoy what’s on your back and live in that moment.

We would like to give a special thanks to our friends at Scarpaletto for providing us with the location, clothing and amazing shoes for this photo shoot. Please check out their website @ and visit their beautiful location at 1436 Larimer St. Denver, CO 80202.

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