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Author: Jennifer Trimmier

Jennifer Trimmier


Jennifer is a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie, fitness-lover, race-runner, amateur chef, and music connoisseur living life to the fullest in San Antonio, TX. She’s also a certified personal trainer and owner of Strong Body San Antonio, an on-location personal training and wellness coaching company. Through Strong Body San Antonio, Jennifer provides personal training and wellness coaching for individuals and groups using methods based on an "everything in moderation" philosophy. She prides herself and her business on providing realistic, easy to follow fitness and wellness plans that teach Strong Body clients how to behave and succeed in real-world situations. Jennifer’s expertise comes from nationally recognized certifications in personal training, orthopedic exercise, and tabata training as well as from helping clients conquer their health and wellness goals over the past 3 years. She writes for various health and wellness magazines and was voted one of the top 3 personal trainers in San Antonio in 2013. (side note, hopefully a top trainer for 2014 too, results will be released on April 23rd and I'll let you know if this line needs to be updated). In her spare time Jennifer enjoys being outdoors, skydiving, SCUBA diving and taking trapeze lessons.

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