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Author: Dominique Taylor

Dominique Taylor


Owner of Ruidoso, NM based Oso Chiropractic. Dr. Dominique Taylor is a graduate of Kansas State University and Palmer College of Chiropractic. Dr. Taylor has been honored with the prestigious Palmer Diagnostic Excellence Award, bestowed upon those who demonstrate superior diagnostic skill in both the clinical and educational settings. Dominique is a team sports enthusiast, an avid runner, triathlete, and fearless mountain biker. In between running, biking, and training, Dr. Taylor is proud to have recently completed her seventh consecutive and fourth different team sport season with San Antonio’s Sport and Social Club. As an all-star and all sports athlete in Colby, Kansas, Dominique was awarded a college softball scholarship. Amid injury and associated setbacks, Dr. Taylor credits chiropractic care, doctor-directed massage, and muscle therapy with keeping her on the field during her college softball career. More recently, Dominique has also waged a successful-thus-far battle with skin cancer. If you or a loved one has done the same, perhaps we can swap stories, compare scars, and exchange encouragement. Onward!

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