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Author: Bryan Spiess

Bryan Spiess

Bryan Spiess is an entrepreneur from Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is the owner of Spiess Financial Concepts; a consulting company that helps startup businesses to navigate the realm of raising funds. He is also a co-founder of PatronX; an online solution for schools and libraries that are seeking or spending e-rate funds. In his spare time, you can usually find Bryan in the mountains, either on his mountain bike, or his snowboard. He is a car/racing fanatic and frequents many of the car shows in the area. Anything from classics and muscle, to trucks and off-road vehicles, to high-end exotics are all cars that he can get excited about. His passions in the community include issues that are pertinent to “young professionals”. In the next few years, Bryan is excited to continue to build his brands, and have a little fun while doing so.

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