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Gladiator Mastermind: The Journey Begins with YOU!

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Here at Modern Gladiator, we are not just some magazine; we are a movement!

We are working each day to create a culture, a new social norm for men and women. We want to enrich the lives of anybody that our magazine touches, and reach out to our community to create a following. So far, we have been doing so through our the Tap Into Our Network social events. I now present to you the Modern Gladiator Mastermind Group.

sharpening sword

Think of a metal sword. Metal is also used to sharpen that sword. We are looking to create the same environment in which professionals will come together in order to “sharpen” one another into the best versions of ourselves that we can be.

The Objective:

We intend to limit the groups to 6 or 7 individuals. We want to make sure we aren’t cutting too far into your valuable time, and to ensure that we are allowing everybody a chance to speak and listen. The mastermind group will meet once a month during mid-morning, as we need to make sure we are not cutting into the “golden hour” that is lunch. In many professions, lunch is a make-or-break hour that is reserved for the best prospects.

Our Purpose:

Don’t think of this as a group coaching or peer mentorship program. Every individual in attendance will be equal. We do not want to set someone apart as a coach—that would indicate that they are an expert. We all have our own fields and our own unique set of trials throughout the day, the week, the month, and the year.

I often find myself in a pattern in which I know I have a problem in my business, but oftentimes I am too intimate with it to see the solution—”can’t see the forest through the trees,” if you will.

When I talk to other professionals, it brings a clarity to what I have to do to fix the problem. We are creating an open forum for professionals to discuss their successes and struggles to an intimate group.

While I’m sure leads will flow naturally between this trusted round table, keep in mind that it is not a requirement. We don’t want our members to feel like they have to come to the group with “fresh meat” to contribute.

The first of these groups will be launched starting in June. Please contact the magazine through Facebook comments or LinkedIn comments, or contact the magazine directly. Act fast, as the pilot group will fill up quickly!

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