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Gladiator Spotlight: Momentous Minds @ Work

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Think about yourself at age 20 or 21. What were you doing? How engaged were you with the world and people around you? Or were you all-consumed by the last years of college, getting ahead, and trying to find that first job?

Modern gladiators might say “yes” to all of the above, but we’ve found three extraordinary young men whose worldview and new organization, Momentous Minds Industries, truly embodies the qualities of MG. Their company, which is early in its development, will offer a social app and other lifestyle products, as well as events in an attempt to create more engagement among communities.



We sat down with 21-year-old Roderick Smith, Jr., 20-year-old Kayree Gale, and 20-year-old Brandon Henrie to find out what makes this trio tick, how the company is coming together, and how these young men can inspire a new way of looking at life even among modern gladiators of an advanced age.


Q: What is Momentous Minds Industries? 

momentous_minds_4Rod: The overall goal is a revolutionary company meant to not only change the way people interact with each other but also interact in general throughout the community. To make people’s lives easier through technology and an overall life change aspect. The app will connect people only in your area. Say you’re having a chili cook-off. The app will share the event with your friends and others in the area (it will be strictly within a range that you decide) and will make you aware of who is attending, as well as communicate with those attending. Every day, people miss out on a lot of events and opportunities because of not knowing that they’re happening, and we want to limit that so you know what is going on in your community and take part and be involved. The company will also have a focus on products including fashion items and overall lifestyle materials to make your everyday life easier.


Q: Why did you create this? 

Kayree & Rod: Rod and I grew up, met when we were 11 or 12, and his dad taught us  the mindset of “you can do this and do that,” “you can be anything you want but you can’t be everything you want.” At all of our houses, we write down our net worth and our goals. We have these net worth cards on a big wall; the lighter color is temporary goals, short term, tithe $250,000 in the year. The long-term goal would be to purchase my family a vacation home, or own a private jet, change the world, pay off my mom’s debt.


Rod: It was my father’s idea to hang up our goals on the walls. I never took him seriously. We’re kids, playing Call of Duty in the basement, but ended up getting older and realizing what we wanted to do. I said, “Kayree, you gotta do this, check off goals.” I think I have 8 goals already done. If you see them every day, you’ll drive yourself.

Kayree: I told God and the universe that I believe in this. That’s what got us to here. Put the goals on the wall. After that, we came together and had a business think tank. That’s how we found Brandon.

momentous_minds_3Brandon: We had played football at CSU. I came into the mix in college at 19 and was brought into it. Something just clicked. You just meet people you know you can build with. At MMI, we want people who will not put themselves above the group, but instead believe the group should be above everything else. It’s a brand, it’s a lifestyle, and it’s a way of thinking.

Kayree: We’re the big tree. We can stand on our own but not too tall or too long or straight up—set in our roots and all grow as one.


Q: Okay—so you’re developing products and an app to help people increase engagement in their communities and to live a higher-performance life. Once the products, services, and events are unveiled, how do you hope modern gladiators will use them?

Kayree: If they’re limited in their thinking, to think they can come up…if they believe it, it can happen. This world we’re in now is very selfish, self-focused, I have nothing to do with the community, and life is all about me. There’s nothing you can do that influences others or yourself.

Brandon: It’s like going in the sense that if I see somebody walking down the hallway, I say hi, they say that’s weird…like they just didn’t have an interaction with a human being. That needs to change.



Q: Why should modern gladiators join the MMI community and emulate the values?

Martin Alvarez/MG Editor-in-Chief: Most kids their age don’t think the way they do. How do I be respectful, take others into consideration, how do I get my goals accomplished?

Kayree: We have “I” to the third power values: ICUBED, which stands for Innovation, Influence, and Impel.

Rod: We want people to have a self-worth. To do whatever you want to do. If you’re 50, you can start over, it’s never too late to change and accomplish goals and dreams. You have to give it a shot before your time is up, before your expiration date. Be in motion now, don’t waste five years on Facebook pursuing “Likes” but instead work for your family, friends and your community.

Brandon: We want to give direction via instructional seminars, but with that we want to give each person a value direction so they know what to do with the instruction. Here’s what you have to do, here’s another way to do it, here’s another way to do it, and so on.

Kayree: We also hope to set up a non-profit fund for that specific thing, so maybe 150 kids come to the seminars. How we get there, how we go to get to the top is different for everyone. Let’s create groups to help people manifest similar goals, interact and mentor them. That non-profit fund we want to put money into as we grow, we can put back. It’s currency, cyclical currency.


Q: As the company continues to develop, you say you welcome investors, volunteers, and others who may want to get involved, particularly in regards to catching Momentous Minds who are younger and open to being shaped and learning new ways of living. An analogy you gave is also a lesson on reinvention for older Momentous Minds, I’d say?

Rod: The cycle of a banana goes green, yellow, and brown. The way we think about it is everyone starts out as a green banana, not quite ripe and ready to do what you want, but you know what’s coming. We think and we are on the transition stage from green to yellow, but most young people want to grow up so fast. We want them to realize the closer you are to yellow means you are then closer to brown. Enjoy being green and free and not quite knowing what you have to do and at some point you’ll have to make decisions that affect people around you.


The Momentous Minds Industries product lines are currently in development preceding beta testing but the overall concepts and direction is something everyone can enjoy and learn from now.

To learn more about Momentous Minds, contact:

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