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Author: Amy Cotsworth

Amy Cotsworth


Amy is a creative, outgoing, enthusiastic entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in customer and client services, 20 years of which in the Automotive industry in Market Research, sales, training, and supervisory roles. Amy is happily and successfully partnered with Michael Cotsworth, longtime auto enthusiast, operating Car Connections, personalized auto consultants and brokers, serving clients nationally and worldwide by “finding what drives you”. Her other areas of expertise include working in the field of Health as a chiropractic community education and outreach director for events and in public speaking forums, dancer and stage performer, and instructor for acting and modeling, as well as fashion consultant, and journalist. Amy enjoys the Arts in all forms, including singing, dance, theatre, directing, live music, and improvisation, with a special interest in her Celtic heritage, Irish Step Dance performance with her beautiful and talented daughter, and Celtic music. She is also active in numerous networking groups, chamber leadership, and other leadership programs. Her other hobbies include crafts, wine, nature, auto sports and car shows. A Colorado native, Amy lives in Parker, Colorado with her daughter and her partner in all endeavors, Michael Cotsworth. You will frequently find them at the racetrack, local car show, or on the patio wherever live music and craft beer can be found.

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