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Buying Your Next Vehicle…Dealership or Broker? YOU Decide!

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So, you think you’re ready to buy your next car…?

The time has come. After days, weeks, or even months of anticipation, contemplation, and/or dread, you have finally made the decision to go “do it.” You are going to get another vehicle. Whether motivated by transportational necessity, to meet the demands of your busy lifestyle, or driven by automotive lust to acquire that fantasy-fulfilling vehicle of your dreams, you are determined to embark on that adventure known as “buying a car.”


It is often said—and rightfully so—that an automobile is the second biggest purchase you ever make. It’s a big emotional investment too. So, you want to get it right.

To successfully buy a car these days, you need a good amount of three things. The first, and most obvious, is money. The average new car sale is nearly $28,000, with most used cars costing more than $10,000. Together with all that hard-earned (and/or borrowed) cash, you will need to invest a fair amount of time.

The average new car sale can take at least 10 hours. And finally, you need knowledge. Automotive transactions can be so complex, and there are so many vehicles to choose from, ways to finance, and factors such as incentives, rebates, and special interest rates to consider, that you need to adequately prepare yourself before jumping into the fray.


One way to save both your precious time and a chunk of your financial resources is to seek out an auto broker or automotive consultant. A good broker will make the process easy for you, and save you the potential brain damage. They can help you with your selection if you wish, will locate the vehicle that best meets your criteria from a wide range of sources, help with financing or leasing options, act as your advocate to get the best trade-in value (or possibly help you sell your existing vehicle privately in order to recoup more of its value), and insulate you from all the retail and dealership hassles.

Plus, some brokers will work with private party sellers as well to find you the vehicle you want. The resulting cost of the vehicle when using the services of a broker is usually lower than other alternatives, including paying that “negotiated” price the sales team can offer you. Brokers charge a fee for their services, but offer convenience, time, and price savings, and personalized service in return.

When helping our clients, our motto is

“Never set foot in a dealership, never talk to a salesperson, and have fun getting the vehicle that is right for you.”

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