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Get Through the “Fall Chill” with Some HOT Dating Tips

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Prepare for Love

Summer is coming to an end. The music and beer festivals, BBQs, pool parties, weekend adventures, weddings, and singles socials will be slowing down. What do you do now?

Yes, fall is arriving. Activities may be slowing down, and it’s the perfect time to prepare for your future partner.  During summer there are ample opportunities to meet that special someone, but the question is are you truly ready?

Fall is the perfect time to prepare for your dream partner to arrive in your life.  

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you prepare.

  • Do you feel confident and happy in your life?  Remember the quality of relationship you will attract is in direct proportion to how you feel inside.  If you don’t feel confident and happy, then do things that will raise your happiness level to at least an 8 out of 10.  When you feel happy, people will be magnetized to you.  A client I worked with raised his self-esteem level to a 10, and soon after he met his dream woman. (Hint, hint.)

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  • Do you have unresolved feelings of anger or resentment toward your ex or are you still holding on to him or her?  If you have resentment toward a past lover, you will only carry this to your next relationship. Do yourself a favor and do what it takes to let go of your “baggage.” From my professional experience, when my clients have resolved the past, they are able to attract a completely different and exciting relationship. Remember, a relationship is a mirror of what you are feeling. If you have unresolved feelings from your past, it will show up in your dating and love life until you fix it. Recently I supported a client who had issues with her ex. She was able to forgive her ex, move forward, and soon after she met the love of her life.  They are now engaged!


  • Do you really know what you want or know what it looks like to be in a healthy relationship?  I work with a variety of clients around the world.  A big challenge with clients is they aren’t clear on what they are looking for in a relationship.  Or maybe their idea of this perfect relationship is made from fantasy, not reality.  A healthy relationship consists of a best friend, partner, and lover.  A best friend is someone you can trust and feel comfortable with.  A partner shares the same goals and values as you.  A lover excites you inside and outside the bedroom. When you have a healthy triangle of balance, then your dream partner has arrived.


Do yourself a favor and take the time this fall to prepare yourself for love.  When you do take these necessary steps, the quality of relationship you can attract will excite you in more ways than one. I believe with an amazing partner by your side, dreams do come true.  

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