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Author: Mike Cotsworth

Mike Cotsworth


Michael Cotsworth has been a lifelong automotive enthusiast. Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, Mike hung around dealerships and local mechanics shops and became deeply involved in the California car culture. Soon, his long held fantasy of becoming a race car driver came true, and Mike got heavily involved in Vintage racing. Mike rose to leadership positions in several automotive organizations, and achieved considerable success on the race track. Classic sports cars, American Muscle cars, European Exotics, Race cars, and modern day machines of many types were acquired, enjoyed, and eventually sold. Mike is a certified Driving Instructor with Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing Club, Colorado Exotic Car Association, the BMW Club, the Ferrari Club, and the Shelby Club. With this immersion in automotive activities, Mike gained unique knowledge, experience, and contacts - both nationwide and internationally. He became the consummate “Car Guy”. Naturally, friends and associates came to Mike for advice and assistance with their own automotive circumstances – What vehicle to buy? Finance or lease? How best to sell a vehicle? What’s this car worth? Where’s a good mechanic? ,etc. etc. When Mike moved to Denver in the mid 90’s, he decided to make a career of helping others with their automotive needs. As a professional Automotive Consultant, Mike has helped hundreds of individuals find the best solution to their particular situations. He also trains and provides consultation to other Automotive Consultants around the country. Mike employs his extensive experience and keen knowledge of everything automotive to inform, educate, and entertain consumers through his Automotively Speaking newspaper columns, and radio talk show with his daughter. In addition to playing with cars, Mike enjoys horseback riding , traditional English Fox Mike is on the Board of Directors of the South Metro Safety Foundation, Praying Hands Ranches, the Parker Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Rocky Mountain Automotive Press Association. Mike is a Cum Laude graduate of Dartmouth College, and enjoyed a previous career as a Real Estate Syndicator and Developer.

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