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Author: Brett Zachman

Brett Zachman


His focus is connection! His passion is people! He is a business, community, political, and social activist; a communicator and problem solver by nature. His name is Brett Zachman, but he goes by his nickname “Zach.” After 40 years of test-driving LIFE, he knows his purpose; to encourage others. “To have courage is to have heart; to encourage is to give heart!” Zach’s life passion is wellness and he chooses to work in the two areas people experience hardship – finances and relationships. By day, he works as a mentor and speaker at Five Rings Financial motivating others to build their financial lives. By night, he is creating a non-profit organization for men who have experienced the life event of divorce Zach began his journey at Five Rings after meeting Mike Wilk (CEO) at his grandmother’s funeral in 2010. Watching her spend the last eight years of her life in confinement (assisted living, followed by nursing care, and then hospice) was challenging. Discovering it cost $800,000 of his grandfather’s estate was mind-numbing. Meeting Mike was providential as Five Rings is on a crusade to educate America about “Living Benefits”, a perfect solution to protect all families from this financially devastating situation. As an economics major from a liberal arts college, he likes numbers but loves to tell stories; which supports him in delivering Five Rings’ educational workshop entitled “Money 101”. Zach is a happily divorced father raising two amazing sons (ages 15 and 13). In telling his story, he loves teaching people the secrets to success in overcoming life’s challenges! Brett “Zach” Zachman - Senior Vice President Five Rings Financial - 10268 W Centennial Rd #302 Littleton, CO 80127 E: P: 720-320-7991

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