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Author: Ariane Mullen

Ariane Mullen

Ariane Mullen is a personal trainer, weight loss consultant, group fitness instructor, and a health and fitness lifestyle contributor for MG Magazine. She manages a busy life as a single mom of five kids, and head of her own successful weight-loss and fitness brand and company. She coaches clients to a fit body and soul through her unique, self-created process which she calls EVOLVE. You just read about it. Each step in the article spells the acronym EVOLVE Ariane believes that true change can only come from the inside out. She has learned through years of coaching clients via behavior modification techniques that habits only go so deep. Routines only protect to a point. EVOLVE has become her labor of love as a means to provide the missing link for true intrinsic change. TO learn more about EVOLVE with ARIANE, contact her at

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