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Fall/Winter 2015-2016 Men’s Fashion Trends and MG Style Guide

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Fall is around the corner, even though we are officially still in summer.

Shopping for warm coats, sweaters, and suits may seem out of sync right now, but for the fashion enthusiasts out there, being ready and getting an idea about the upcoming trends can help you draw up a shopping list of all the “must haves” for the Fall/Winter 2015-2016 season.

I know that you care about looking great and feeling confident, and I know sometimes it can be hard to make sense of the trends on fashion shows that somehow take it to the extreme. Winter 2016 is set to be stylish. A British fashion movement that plays with genres and ignores the conventional male uniform has finally first found its way to the great Italian and French fashion houses.


Fall/Winter 2015-2016 colors

The predominant colors are an autumnal palette of burgundy, brown, navy, khaki green, and gray that have been utilized throughout most of the fashion shows, with striking pops of blood orange and ecru.



What colors should you get?

Here is a sample of all the trending colors this Fall/Winter. When choosing a color, make sure it complements your complexion.

sage              green

Sage                                     Hunter green


camel               ecru

Camel                                       Ecru


espresso               cranberry

Espresso                           Dark cranberry


mustard               burnt orange

Mustard                              Burnt Orange


Trending Style

The 70s are back!

After years of skinny jeans, 70s-style pants are making a comeback. Seventies fashion trends have re-entered the scene to become an in-demand style after a revival on runways by famous designers. In-fashion accessories render these trends fashionable again. It means you are allowed to primp as much as you want to as long as you refrain from dressing up like you are going to a Halloween party. You can play with the colors, but stay away from polyester tight shirts.

How to Pull Off “The 70s Look,” Colors and Style

Pants with some flare


The right and left one are closer to a boot cut, more subtle and easier to wear; the flare jeans in the middle can be rocked as well if you tone down the top—simply wear a tight or plain top. If you’re bold enough to rock a flare pants, you need a sturdy shoe— think thick ballsy sneakers to ground it like an Adidas Stan Smith pair by Raf Simon or Valentino Rockrunner Camo-Print Trainer Sneaker.

NO WEDGED HEELS, PLEASE, and no tight jeans around the crotch!

sneaker.1                           sneaker.2

Valentino Rockrunner                                                 Adidas Stan Smith pair by Raf Simon



These are some cool 70s looks you can totally rock!




The best investment for autumn clothing is a jacket.

For the 2015-2016 Fall season, the current must-have is a leather jacket embellished and trimmed with shearling detailing. If you get the shorter version, you should be able to wear a few layers of clothing. Just remember: The truncated model suits only waist-skinny guys with narrow hips. If you are tall and rather large, you should wear a suit coat until the middle of the knee, straight style. If you are shorter and larger, such a style will shorten your legs. The best choice for a jacket or coat would be just below the hips, and stay away from the new leather/shearling trend.

For the winter, your parka or coat from last year should do it, unless you are fearless, careless, and really want to make enemies with PETA—in that case, you can go ahead and get yourself a fur coat. These are on every runway for the Fall/Winter 2015-2016 collection.


                                                  Right jacket for a larger, taller guy



Round and short (left)

For the hipsters, here are some 70s shearling styles to choose from based on your body shape.

Plaid suits

By now you probably all have your basic black, navy, and gray suits covered. If you want to spice up your wardrobe and add a 70s touch, you can add some plaid to your collection. It’s the easiest way to nail that groovy feel. You can add chunky scarves and snug, oversized shawls. They will be complementing everything in between—the most laid-back and the more sophisticated of autumn looks.


Here are some hip and stylish looks to incorporate the 70s into your wardrobe.

I hope this article was helpful, and as always, your comments are welcome! If you need help updating your style and wardrobe, contact me at:

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