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4 Key Ingredients to Raising a Naturally Healthy Family

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More than ever, parents want to raise a naturally healthy family…but like never before, that is a very difficult task.

Families are faced with increasing health problems including allergies, asthma, frequent colds and flus, attention and behavioral problems, ear infections, spectrum disorders like Autism, and digestive problems.

Parents themselves are plagued with many of the same problems and complain of not having enough energy or feeling irritable and overwhelmed.

Raw Vitality takes the guesswork out of raising a healthy family by teaching families the 4 Keys to Raising a Naturally Healthy Family. By learning and using these 4 concepts in your everyday life, you will begin to see common ailments disappear as well as experience more energy, greater balance, and higher levels of health and wellbeing.


Key #1: Fresh, Nutrient-Dense Eating

We have strayed from the natural ways we used to eat, where meals were made from scratch and from real, natural ingredients. As our eating habits changed, so did our health. Eating out, eating on the run, and relying on fast, convenient foods is at the root of all of the common ailments and health problems families face today.

By increasing the amount of fresh, nutrient-dense foods and juicing fresh fruits daily, your family will not only experience greater energy, but also health problems will become non-existent.

assorted fresh juices from fruits and vegetables

Key #2: Balanced, Consistent Exercise

If you or your children suffer from pesky health symptoms or constantly feel like you are dragging, a balanced and consistent method of exercise is one of your greatest tools. Having the whole family involved in regular movement and exercise consistently will create better well-being, stronger immunity, and prevention of long-term health problems. Finding something the family loves is key, so try lots of different things!

Consistently being active is key. You can take bike rides, go on outdoor walks and hikes, take a family yoga class, ski or snowboard in the winter…there are so many possibilities! Being active will keep your family naturally healthy.

Family On Cycle Ride In Countryside

Key #3: Healthy Stress Management

Nothing can wreck you and your family’s health and energy like stress. Families deal with greater levels of stress than ever before. Stress plays a major role in all health problems including increased colds and flus, allergies, digestive problems, weight gain, and low energy.

You may not be able to avoid all stress, but you can learn how to manage stress so it doesn’t negatively affect your health. Yoga, meditation, exercise, and a low-stress diet all help to reduce the impact of stress on your family’s health.

Key #4: Green Living Practices to Reduce Exposure to Toxins

Did you know the most toxic place on Earth is the inside of your home? That is shocking and disheartening to hear if you want to raise a naturally healthy family. Toxic chemicals found in personal care, home cleaning, lawn, garden, and food products have all been linked to the most common ailments families deal with. Choosing to buy cleaner, greener, organic versions of products will help to reduce your family’s exposure to toxic chemicals.

Taking time to look at ingredients and finding brands that are committed to purity and sustainability will create higher levels of health and vitality for you and your family.

By learning and using these 4 keys, you will begin to see common ailments naturally clear up, prevent health problems, experience more energy, greater balance and higher levels of health and wellbeing as a family.

Raw Vitality’s Naturally Healthy Families Program is a 30-day online guided program that teaches you and your family these 4 keys in depth so you and your family can live a naturally healthy life. Learn more about our Family program at


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