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Got a HOT Date? Whether Dining In or Out, We Have You Covered from Head to Toe

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What to wear for that special date

For a special night out or an even more memorable night at home, here’s how to dress–whether it’s with a first date, your girlfriend, or your wife.

While relationships are based on trust, respect, and love, making someone feel special also plays a big part. Choose an outfit to wear just for her: Your presentation shows your level of respect for her and for yourself!

Now that you have planned something special, you need to think about what to wear. When it comes to dressing for a date on a special occasion or any other date, the most important thing is that you want to make sure that whatever you wear, you feel comfortable. This will ensure that you won’t be focusing on other things such as how uncomfortable and awkward you feel, because this will show in your body language.

However, comfortable does not mean leaving the house in your sweat suit. Go to any romantic restaurant on any day and observe. The girls are dressed for festivity, and the boys are dressed for cleaning the garage. We have all seen those mismatched couples out on the town…the lady in a fancy dress, her date attired in faded jeans or shorts and flip flops. By the way: No man should wear shorts on any first date, even in the summer. Unless it’s scorching out, or unless you’ve got a date at the beach or at the golf course, I think shorts on a guy are too casual for the first few dates and definitely a big no for a first date or any evening date.

Whether you are staying in for your special date or partying like a rock star, don’t underdress! Getting a little dressed up ads an element of excitement that breaks the casual routine you may share on a standard date night.

Staying in

Just because you’re spending a quiet night in on your special date doesn’t mean you can have a candle-lit dinner in your pajamas.  Show her that you can look decent, even if you don’t have to.

Date night #1-photo



Going out

date night #2-photo                                 date night #3- photo

Something fancy

Just loosen the tie, untie the upper button of your shirt, and use a handkerchief—you will look dressy and not like you’re having a meeting at the office.

date night #4- photo                 date night #5-photo

Drink and a night out

date night #6-photo

Last but not least, do not wear your tighty whiteys! Match your socks with your pants and no athletic socks with dress shoes. Don’t forget to take a shower and groom—grooming is essential! Don’t forget your finger and toe nails—they should always be short and clean.

Happy dating! Be sure to read Tracy Fagan’s tips in Modern Gladiator for a successful date. Turn off your cell phone (this is non-negotiable, unless you left the kids with the sitter, then have it on silent and pick it up only if the sitter’s calling), have fun, and enjoy your date! If you ever need a fashion advice on your date or have any questions on what to wear, you can contact me at TheNouveauStyle.

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