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Manage Your Salespeople by Working Smart

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The Behavior Board

Do you want your salespeople to be “self-motivated”? Try this: It’s called the Behavior Board, and it’s 180 degrees opposite traditional sales management advice. So exactly what is this behavior board? Each salesperson writes in (or phones in) how much behavior they have completed for that day. What is “behavior”? Dials, walk-ins, referrals received, first appointments, futures, second calls, closing appointments, or any other positive, pay time selling activities required for your business.


Create a community behavior board to post in the sales office so that all team members can track their own efforts and see what their colleagues are doing in comparison. A spirit of competition among team members to perform the right behaviors can only help your team’s success.

Include two columns for each salesperson—Goal and Achieved. Track only the most important behaviors over which the salesperson has control.

Negotiate Quotas

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How do you get your salespeople to “buy-in” to keeping good records of what they do every day? Sit down one-on-one and negotiate their annual quotas with them. Help them translate their annual quota into their individual daily behavior. For example, a $5 million annual quota might equal three new dials, one new appointment, two futures, one referral received and two customer visits every day. Don’t forget to have them either write in or phone in their daily behavior numbers to post on the community behavior board for all to see.

Percentage of Quota

In addition to posting a community behavior board in your sales office that gives recognition to those individuals who have performed required selling behaviors “better” than others on the team, you can share information on other things too, to help motivate (and not de-motivate) salespeople toward their goals. Post “Percentage of Quota”: If you have different categories of salespeople on your team with different quotas (and you should), rank their percentage of quota achieved, goal versus actual. This way, you’re not sharing the actual quota number, only the percentage left to reach it. Stack all salespeople in a simple column report. Percentage of Quota is a strong statistic to display, especially if your salespeople specialize in what they sell.

More Stack Rankings

In addition to tracking with the behavior board, share information on other things too to help motivate (and not de-motivate) salespeople toward their goals. For example, rank salespeople highest to lowest in gross profit margin, independent of their total sales. Announce or publish a list of reps who have qualified for certain sales incentive awards or who are on their way. The overall theme of these reports is simply to rank each person relative to the others, all the time. Keep the reports in front of the salespeople as often as possible, especially when there are salespeople from different offices involved.


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