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Seasonal Grooming Tips From Frank’s Barber Shop

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5 Basic Tips for Everyday Grooming:

It’s that time of year, guys.  The calendar is filled with social gatherings and end of the year business functions. When preparing to celebrate, be sure to take these five quick grooming tips into consideration.


1. Get a haircut. Sure, this is a pretty basic tip. But plan ahead—it’s a busy season and it can be hard to make time to keep your regular haircut schedule. Make sure you’re at your best for those candid photo ops, and make your family and friends proud to hang and email those photos.

guy getting hair trimmed

2. If you’re a guy that likes to sport facial hair, either a five o’clock shadow or more, make sure that it is very well kempt and properly groomed. Most family members don’t want the Duck Dynasty look showing up for dinner.


Grooming Photo 2


3. Take a look at your nails. You’re going to be shaking a lot of hands in the next few days. Make sure your nails are clean and clipped.  Do you like the way your nails look?

guy filing his nails-grooming

4. Check that nose and ear hair—this simple tip is usually overlooked by us guys. Take a look at the nose and ears. If you’re over thirty, odds are you need to spend a little extra time here.

5. If you wear cologne, do so sparingly. Remember, you’re going to be around a lot of people and many various fragrances.  Be considerate.  If everyone uses cologne, it can be a bit overwhelming. Be sure to use yours sparingly; if you do not wear cologne, opt for a fresh scent deodorant.

Enjoy yourself this season and remember to take those extra few minutes each day to look your best. You’re a gladiator and you’re worth it!


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