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Pre-Date Grooming Guide for The Modern Man

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2017 Hair Styles for Men

We all know Coloradans take casual to the extreme…but it’s 2017 and time to step up your look, especially for date night. Whether it’s your first date or 50th anniversary, putting in the extra effort to look great for that special person will demonstrate that you care. Here’s a pre-date grooming guide for the modern man who isn’t afraid to spend a little extra time on himself.

men's haircut 2017

Let’s start with the hair. You’re already ahead of the curve if you schedule regular haircuts. If not, we recommend working this into your grooming routine. Haircuts, even just a trim, will ensure that you aren’t sporting dead ends or that your hair isn’t too long in the back and over the ears. We recommended going to your barber of choice two or three days before your upcoming date night to give yourself a few days to settle into a new look. Also, visiting your barber on a regular basis reduces the risk of going out with unruly neck hair.

Pro tip #1: If you have a trimmer laying around, you can easily take care of neatening up your nape at home between salon visits.

beard trim

Now, let’s move on to facial hair. Messy beards may be acceptable on the ski slopes but we recommend a professional beard shave or trim by an expert to give your facial hair the proper structure it deserves. Professional beard trims are recommended every two weeks to keep the overall shape and uniform length. If you’re a fella that likes to keep things neat and tidy, you should give your mustache and the like a trim daily, ensuring clean outlines. Bi-weekly professional shaves and daily upkeep will make getting ready for date night more manageable. Good news for our outdoorsman readers: Research by Dixson and Brooks (2013) reported that women found stubble on men most attractive. Stubble is sexy, but not always kissable, so keep that in mind.

A pair of cleanly-defined, fully separated (expressive) eyebrows can actually make you come across as a better communicator during your date. It’s good to have your brows professionally waxed and tweezed every three to four weeks. You might laugh, but seriously, it’s true and feels amazing too. If you’re one to grow some unruly brow hair between waxes, keep a pair of tweezers around to pluck those rogue eyebrow hairs pre-date.

Pro tip #2: Don’t forget to take care of those pesky nose and ear hairs. Both are slightly embarrassing and easy to avoid!

Beyond your hair, your skin is an important part of your look. Since we live in an extremely dry climate, salon facials are a must to treat your skin.

Pro tip #3: Make sure to exfoliate at home 1-2 times a week and moisturize your face on a daily basis. This is how you avoid dry, flaky skin and reduce fine lines.

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Last but not least – and something most men don’t always think about – most women notice your nails. It’s straightforward: keep them short and dirt free. A simple 30-minute manicure and pedicure at home or at a salon on a monthly or bimonthly basis is something to consider. A well-groomed man does not automatically translate to “high maintenance” so don’t be afraid to take your grooming habits to the next level.

And there’s your straightforward guide to looking your best on date night. If you’re crunched for time or not sure where to start, visit your local 18|8, a fine men’s salon, for a date night style tutorial, fresh trim, shave, and more.




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