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Thumbs up, Guys! Let’s Push up Those Pecs

on November 20 | in Health & Fitness | by | with No Comments

Alright guys, it’s not about the weight you push—it’s about using the muscle!


Begin by warming up the arms, shoulders, and rotator cuff by doing circular movements of each arm, then an arm curl, a tricep pushdown, and last a light fly with rotational angles. You should be able to complete all this in about ten minutes.


Bench Press 3 Breakdown sets

Set 1- 30 reps  (10 reps rack & reduce weight; 10 reps rack & reduce 10 reps)

Set 2- 24 reps (repeat same procedure)

Set 3- 18 reps (repeat)

guy doing chest excercises copy

Incline Dumbbell Press with Fly Combo 3 sets

Set 1- 30 reps (15 reps press motion rack & get weight for 15 reps fly motion)

Set 2- 30 reps (make appropriate weight adjustments to stay with the rep range)

Set 3- 30 reps (repeat)


Chest Dips with a Pec Deck Combo 3 sets

Set 1- Dip to failure followed by 20 reps pec deck

Set 2- Dip to failure followed by 15 reps pec deck

Set 3- Dip to failure followed by 10 reps pec deck


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