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20 Minute Biceps Blast

on November 19 | in Health & Fitness | by | with No Comments

This workout will give you a quick pump and increase muscle mass, coupled with a good balanced diet of proteins and carbohydrates.


Warm up: 2 lightweight sets of dumbbell curls (injury prevention)


bar bicep curl-fitness


3 sets of 30 reps of wide grip Olympic bar curls

(10 reps with 20 sec pause, 10 reps with 20 sec pause, 10 reps for each set)

3 sets of dumbbell curls, increasing the weight with each set

(All sets are down through full range of motion from pronation to supination 10 reps per arm with 5 double hammer curls at the end)

3 sets of 15 reps of bent one-arm dumbbell curls


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