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CEO of Modern Gladiator

Martin Alvarez- CEO of Modern Gladiator

When men and women first hear the name of our magazine, Modern Gladiator, they can’t help but ask, What is a modern gladiator?

From the very beginning of the formulation of the “gladiator brotherhood,” our definition was always very clear and present in our minds and hearts. We were convinced that today’s world needs a very distinctive representation of men today in order for us to continue to thrive as a global community.

A man that recognizes the importance of personal fortitude, leadership, and a drive to succeed in whatever capacity life may take him.

The Modern Man

The modern gladiator is a modern man who still appreciates and recognizes the importance of maintaining “old world” values and ideologies in today’s fast-paced and technologically advanced world.

Vitruvian man4

Balance and Complete Symmetry

He is perceptive, discerning, and honorable.  He values the importance of being fit in mind, body, and spirit and has the foresighted wisdom to see the future benefits of living a life now that is holistic and well balanced.

His Code

Gladiator Code

His Credo

If you put good things in, good things will come out.

His Mission

Live a life that is full and focused on personal development and growth.  Pursue “la joie de vivre”—the joy of living.

Family relationships and bonds are essential; always honor your family and take the lead, teach by example.

Community is important; therefore contribute and make a difference. The greater happiness truly comes from giving and making a difference in the lives of others.








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