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Power. Honor. Discipline. Strength. The Stripes of a True Gladiator!

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“There are times in our life when we have to bind ourselves as with a chain and show restraint. By our doing so, we demonstrate true discipline, power, honor, and strength. Only then can we truly unleash our inner gladiator!”

Martin Alvarez, Editor-in-Chief of Modern Gladiator magazine

Modern Gladiator is celebrating its one year anniversary in publication as a lifestyle magazine by introducing MG Jewels.

MG is more than just a magazine, it’s a lifestyle!

Through the pages of Modern Gladiator we teach how to live the life of a modern gladiator—living with the tools, confidence, and know-how to live a healthy life with focus, initiative, and strength.

By our networking and social events, we train and learn how to be a modern gladiator.

Through the work we do with our non-profit and charity organizations, we demonstrate how live the life of a modern gladiator.

Join us in the revolution that is helping men and women to be determined, focused, driven, and successful—in all areas of life.

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The “Gladiator Knot”our signature bracelet: The knot that binds the brotherhood. The four strands of the knot represent:  Power, Honor, Strength, and Discipline.

Modern Gladiator Presents MG Jewels — Jewelry Inspired by the Ages




Jewelry Inspired by the Ages

MG lifestyle is proud to present our new line of gladiator-inspired men’s and women’s jewelry.

The line is a mix between rugged all-natural textures and semi-precious stones. Our vision is to capture the old world charm and luxury of the ancient bygone eras, yet update them with a modern and elegant flair to create jewelry that can be worn 24/7—in every circumstance and for every occasion. We hope you will enjoy our labors of love!

We are confident to bring YOU treasures that will not only please the eye but also be within reach.
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