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Guys, Enhance YOUR Style with Jewelry

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Jewelry and Men

Men’s attitudes to jewelry are on the move. After perhaps 200 years (at least in the West) of confinement to cufflinks, tiepins, and timepieces, men are experimenting with the kind of adornment that until now were regarded as exclusively feminine. Men’s jewelry is a business that’s worth a lot. It has now reached a point where star designers like Tomasz Donocik start out making men’s jewelry, and only afterward move into women’s (rather than the other way around, as has always been the case).

Men’s jewelry is not a new idea: Historically, men all over the world have worn earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, chains, amulets, rings, and more.

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Traditionally, jewelry for men was limited to a watch and a wedding band. Although the guidelines for business attire are still fairly conservative, for social occasions, the etiquette concerning men’s jewelry is much less strict. In the 21st century, such accessories as earrings, piercings, bracelets, and neck chains are no longer limited to women. The key is to know the proper times and places for men to wear jewelry.

Traditional Business Settings

men's jewelry_3For traditional business settings, less is more when it comes to jewelry: Acartier_watch high quality wristwatch, cuff links, and lapel pins, plus a wedding band ring (please no diamond studded rings) will often be enough. These are the limits for men’s jewelry in a traditional business setting. Some men still insist on wearing their college rings, but keep in mind that if you happen to work on an international level, nothing screams more bad taste that one of those clumpy rings on your finger. I am not a fan of ugly jewelry.


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A few old-school accent pieces have started to make their way back into the gentleman’s wardrobe: the tie clip and the lapel pin.

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Don’t do this unless you master the art of the sprezzatura—looking good without trying too hard!

What kind of jewelry?

When you choose a piece of jewelry, make sure it is not too ostentatious and it matches your style. Keep in mind that if you are not confident in styling yourself, you should steer clear from jewelry. Don’t stray too far before knowing what suits you. The jewelry you wear should suit your image. When you’re buying jewelry, all you need to ask is one question: Do I feel like myself with it on?


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More and more men around the globe are embracing wrist fashion. Bracelets are a subtle expression of your personality. It illustrates what your fashion taste is as well as what message you want to give out. Men’s bracelets are huge in Italy and southern Europe, where men of all ages and socio-economical backgrounds are sporting bracelets.

Not sure where to start? Don’t sweat it. Here are four different types of bracelets that any man’s man like yourself can rock: leather, woven, beaded, and metal (always get a silver metal; it could be platinum or white gold if you want something more elaborate, but avoid yellow gold at all costs. Copper or brass is also acceptable).

men's jewelry_7 men's jewelry_8men's jewelry_11men's jewelry_12men's jewelry_13

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This is the hardest one to pull! Unless you have Johnny Depp or Lenny Kravitz style, stay away from necklaces. Judging from the looks presented at the fashion week Spring/Summer 2015, necklaces are the “it” accessory! But beware: Unless you know what you’re doing, stay away from necklaces! Personally, I don’t care for necklaces on a man unless you are under 25, a surfer dude, a top model, or Lenny Kravitz.

lenny_kravitz men's jewelry_14 johnny_depp


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men's jewelry_15I don’t have much to say about rings, for the simple fact that I am not a ring person.  I am not keen on rings for men except for a wedding band, a special family ring, or one that has some kind of meaning. If you insist on wearing rings, make sure you don’t overload your hand. One is more than enough…and stay away from diamonds, gold, and skulls.

The signet ring has made a comeback. In my opinion, unless you are nobility and are wearing your family emblem, refrain from wearing it on your pinky. While you don’t have to be an aristocrat to make a statement with a personal ring, the reasons and the symbolism are different.

Men should stick to jewelry that is subtle, or only jewelry that means something. Don’t wear too many items at once and never mix silver and gold. Don’t wear religious iconography unless you subscribe to the religion. If in doubt, go for simplicity. A plain silver ring will always be better than one with a pattern.

Remember, your jewelry should subtly enhance your wardrobe without dominating it!

As always, your comments are welcome. If you need help updating your style and wardrobe, contact me at:

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