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Fashion Look: Your Fall/Winter Coat Preview

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Must-have coats in a man’s wardrobe


Don’t do this!

Days are getting shorter and temperatures are dropping. It’s definitely time for guys to put some serious thought into coats. Men, coats are like shoesone coat does not fit all situations. You can‘t have just one jacket and wear it for leisure and for work. You don’t own just one pair of shoes, do you? Why would you have only one jacket and wear it for all occasions? A man needs three types of coats in his wardrobe, and of course jacket requirements will vary by region. Some of you will need something light and some of you will need something with a little more warmth to get you through the next few months.

You can also get away with two coats but no matter what you choose, I better not see you going out wearing an oversized sweater, a hoodie, a fleece on top of your suit or, for my Colorado guys, just a fleece and shorts!

And please, ski parkas are meant for the slopes, not the office! You wouldn’t wear goggles outside the slope, so why wear your ski jacket over your suit?

The Parka

The classic parka comes in many colors and shapes, and is stuffed with down, man’s warmest natural insulating material. The parka is the most casual jacket available on the market. When you buy one, it should not be too roomy. It works best with jeans and chinos. I would not recommend wearing it with a suit (in fact, the only exception for wearing a parka over a suit would be on a very cold, slushy day). Make sure that it’s longer than your suit jacket, not bulky, and in a neutral color if you have to wear one on a very inclement winter day!



The BIG Outdoor Padded Jacket

If the outdoors will be on your agenda in the coming months, purchasing a thicker coat is advisable. Feather down-filled padded jackets offer warmth on icy days. These jackets can look wrong if you don’t know your right length; if you are on the bigger side, steer clear from this type of jacket.


Don't Do Fashion

Don’t do this

Winter fashion coat

Do this









The Everyday Coat

For most days, you need a coat that multitasks. You can wear these types of coats on any occasion.


The Formal Coat

There should be a classic coat in every man’s work wardrobe. It’s a well-known fact that the traditional structured style, which should finish between mid-thigh and an inch above the knee, is great at protecting a suit from the elements. When dressing up, you should get a simple single- or double-breasted coat in dark wool; it could be cashmere if you can, but remember that even though cashmere coats are nice, soft, and warm, they will show wear on the cuffs and the collar, and moths love them! Cover up with a scarf on colder days. Make sure the coat fits over your suit, have a jacket on when trying it on, and don’t get bundled up!

formal-coat.1 formal-coat.3

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