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Gladiator Spotlight: Chris Howlett

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There are people in this world who make a career out of helping others improve themselves. Chris Howlett started off in business and found what motivated him was evaluating the steps it takes to be successful. His focus on building a strong foundation incorporates all areas of life, from career to lifestyle, mind and body.  Chris is a modern-day nomad who travels the country with his wife in their RV.  They follow warm temperatures and Wi-Fi hotspots. Chris exemplifies a model that happiness can be achieved through simplicity.  His lifestyle may not be for everybody, but his message has influenced people all over the world.

MG: Tell me about your background. Chris Howlett 2

CH:  I’ve always been a student of business. I’ve always wanted to pull back the curtain to see how things work. I say it’s like pushing a rope. If you work with people who aren’t willing to change, it’s like nailing jello to a wall.  I like working with people who are willing to find solutions. I like to be able to come in with my perspective and background and offer them recommendations for improving. I am a business coach, a consultant, and I am a certified personal trainer. Fitness, finance and lifestyle—three things that you need to have if you want your life in order. Finance is usually the biggest burden, but once you have it in control, you can focus on the others and have a truly gratifying walk in life.

MG: Why did you decide to become a business coach?

CH: My passion is really helping people.  Combine that with a never-ending desire to pull back the curtain on successful business practices, and business coaching seemed a logical decision.

MG: What are the key factors that determine if you can work with a new client?”

It helps us see what’s important and appreciate everything around us.

CH: I perform an “un-covery call” with all potential clients to determine their true passions and motivations.  The “secret sauce” is measuring that commitment level. I promise each of my clients that I’ll invest as much in them as they’ll invest in themselves. Not everyone is ready for regular growth and accountability, though.

MG: Where’s your main office? Chris Howlett 3

CH: Today? Just north of Los Angeles. Last week it was Las vegas.  One of our goals about two years ago was to build a full-time travel lifestyle.  So Kiersten, the woman of my dreams, and I made the moves required to take both of our careers on the road.  She works with a travel placement firm, and I’ve developed clients all over the world by leveraging technology.  It’s been a blast.

MG: How is it living on the road?

CH: I think it’s excellent! I think we’re allergic to the cold. For us, it’s perfect. I can do my business anywhere as long as I have Internet. Quite honestly, I’ve had clearer Skype calls in the Philippines than a cell call in the city. I prefer to use technology with such flexibility.

MG: That sounds scary—you’re out in the world flying on whim with no consistency.

CH: I get scared when I become content. Unless I do something different, for us, if we’re in the same spot we get restless and stagnant. It helps us see what’s important and appreciate everything around us. If we haven’t used something in a year or two, a piece of clothing—we get rid of it. What’s that need to hold on to it? If there’s something we really want, we get rid of something and get that thing we want.

MG: You’re working with Modern Gladiator to create Mastermind. How does that differ from other networking platforms?

CH: There’s little in the way of commitment with networking groups. There’s not a structured form or contact; usually you end up with a handful of business cards. The Mastermind concept works differently in that you have a vested interest in helping others.  We work as a group and there’s more involved than typical networking. When you get to know someone, and you truly want to help someone out, you feel that connection. Part of the Modern Gladiator message is to help you advance your goals much quicker, and this is a formidable step in that direction.

MG: What’s your definition of a “modern gladiator?”

It’s about helping others get what they want and in turn you get what you want.

CH: It’s very similar to what we think of the traditional gladiator. It’s a guy who is out there fighting for things, but in a good way. It’s about helping others get what they want and in turn you get what you want. You’re making a difference. Tombstone test: What do you want on your tombstone? “Bobby built a business that affected a lot of people and helped others” or “Bobby sold a lot of athletic gear”? “Living between the dash,” so to speak—what matters is what you did in the time you were here between birth and death—the “dash” on your tombstone. Helping people realize their true passion and once they unlock it, achieving that goal! All of these things together help make a modern gladiator.

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