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Event Branding Through Creativity and Art

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Want Happy, Productive Employees and Energizing Meetings?

art-1Then you need to invest in communicating your brand’s personality and character in meaningful, thoughtful ways. There is a vast and growing body of research that describes the impact one’s environment has on attitude, energy, and productivity. In a 2013 Harvard Business School study, 12,000 diary entries from 200 workers across seven corporations charted their days to discover how often workers went home demoralized because their “inner work lives” seemed dull and gray. Those negative emotions often led to poor-quality work as well as lower productivity.

Companies understand the impact creating an energized corporate culture has on productivity.

art-2Companies like Google, WOW! Media, Patagonia, and Zappos understand the impact creating an energized corporate culture has on productivity and client relations more than most. This is why these companies invest time and resources to develop special environments, meetings, and events that really get employees and clients charged up and excited to contribute. Creating inviting office spaces with huddle rooms and art, as well as creative, fun events that encourage interaction really pays off.

If you walk into a gray, drab institutional space, be that your office or a convention hall, it telegraphs a lot about your organization—no different than if you were to invite friends into your home and it lacked interest, character, or personality.

art-5We all know the difference between a vibrant, well thought out meeting with inspiring, creative touch points that help others truly experience the brand, and those meetings that are staid and unimaginative with no sense of humor or spark.

If you are ready to make a bold, positive statement with your employees and clients at your next meeting or event, we are ready to join you in creating something special that uniquely expresses your brand.

We would like to hear from you. Please share any good examples of creative, effective meeting executions or any challenges for which you would like our input or ideas.

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