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Massage Therapy—More Than Just A Good Feeling

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A must-have for your toolbox of health.


From the rustic baths of Rome to the meditative monasteries of China, massage therapy has been around for centuries. This practice of stress relief and meditation can be found even as far back as the pampering and lavish lifestyles of the Egyptian pharaohs.


Remains of the public baths in Pompeii,                     The Eye of Horus (Eye of Ra, Wadjet) believed by ancient Egyptians to have healing and protective powers.          Remains of the ancient Baths of Pompeii                                             Eye of Horus believed by Egyptians to have healing powers.


Massage therapy migrated its way to the United States around the mid 1800s, which at that time was seen as a value for many health issues.  After many years, however, it was then pushed aside to make way for “the wave” of modern Western medicines and their form of treatments.

The practice of massage therapy resurfaced in the USA around the 1970s—not a surprise. With all previous knowledge of health benefits, people were searching for help for a healthier life. Massage therapy is practiced in many varying modalities. These varied techniques offer an individual options to see what works best for them. There is a long list of benefits of massage, from immediate relief to long-term health.


Some of the many benefits include:guy with migrain

  • Relief of back pain
  • Circulation increase
  • Stress reduction
  • Relief of soft tissue injuries
  • Relief of headaches (including migraines)
  • Injury prevention
  • Recovery from injury

Research has shown that some of the long-term benefits can be:

  • Decrease in medication dependency
  • Improved skin quality
  • Reduced depression
  • Increased oxygen and nutrients to vital organs
  • Improved movement in patients with arthritis


With all these benefits, it’s no wonder why reports show that 25 percent of Americans received a massage in the last year.

Find a good qualified massage practitioner and join the rest of us in the health revolution! Treat your body like your most prized possession—it’s the only one you get.



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