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Huizache: Tequila for the Sophisticate

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Brand: Tequila Huizache

NOM 1437 Distillery Tequilera Don Roberto, S.A. De C.V.

Who doesn’t love ending a cold Colorado weekend on a rich note? This tequila enthusiast and Aficionada had the distinct opportunity to finish her weekend on a high tasting note with Tequila Huizache.

Produced exclusively with Agave Azul Tequilana Weber, which guarantees a premium 100% tequila, Huizache Tequila substantiates pure, if not incomparable excellence, with distinctive notes and characteristics.

As delicate as the flower the juice is named for, the Huizache bush is found in Mexico’s semiarid regions. The Huizache sprouts small yellow flowers and is typically found in areas where Agave plants grow. Huizaches exude all the virtues of the Mexican landscape—delicate yet wild, sweet yet hearty. It is no wonder that the magnificence and subtleties of nature translate to this smooth and well-balanced tequila!

Soft on the entry, all three profiles offer a distinctive nose. The Blanco possesses the pepper nose—yet on entry, the pepper dissipates to an effervescent delivery that speaks to sweet grass and subtle hints of vegetation and rich soil. The flavor is distinctly aromatic of a warm summer day. The finishing notes of this succinctly subtle profile are smooth, clean, and fresh, like linen on a clothesline in the bright sun of an afternoon.

“The Reposado Origin and Reposado are distinctly unique as they too offer a soft entry from nose to pallet.”

The Origen profile delivers a taste of vanilla buttercream frosting, and delivers additional hints of citrus, orange, and chocolate. On delivery, the effect is smooth and sweet . . . then comes a burst of spice, like that of nutmeg, followed by a surprisingly almost crisp, clean finish.

The Reposado profile is like that of Origin—the difference lies in the citrus overtones that include pineapple and orange, speaking to the perfect blended tequila for cocktails such as Paloma’s or a rich margarita with a Grand Marnier float. The Grand Marnier will undoubtedly pop the oranges and pineapple overtones of this profile.

Tequila Huizache is a beautiful representation of the lowlands of Jalisco, Mexico, where tradition is at the core, and family is everything. It is no surprise that the wisdom of the Romo de la Peña family, one of the most brilliant tequilero lineages whose traditions and heritage has forged for generations, is spearheaded by the women of the family. Creating a finely crafted tequila that appeals to women, by women, speaks to a rising culture of spirits drinkers. Craftsmanship of the traditional distillation methods of Huizache is delivered in the quality of the products produced. It is plainly evident in the profiles of these spectacular tequila profiles that the women of the Romo de la Peña family have instilled notable tradition of excellence in their brand, Tequila Huizache.


Jessica Arent- Tequila Aficionada

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