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Modern Gladiator Takes an In-Depth Look: Into the World of Cannabis

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Weed is A Four-Letter Word

Marijuana, cannabis, weed, pot—all bad words for most of us at one time or another in our lives.


We were raised to think that marijuana, in any form, was bad and hazardous, killing brain cells we could not afford to spare. Some of us who may be old enough to remember the Reagan Administration, specifically the Nancy Reagan “War on Drugs” campaign featuring kids smoking a joint, and the statistics of failures demographically as they related to drug use studies.

Today, our impression is changing, and with more and more studies being published, we no longer collectively see the use of marijuana as detrimental. Instead, society seems to be embracing the medicinal values of the plant, evidenced by an uptick in consumers who are using it as alternative medicine to that of Big Pharma. Would you guess that the Baby Boomers are leading the pack on spending in the MMJ space?

The long and the short: CBD, or cannabidiol, is changing the conversation surrounding medical marijuana.


The THC chemical in marijuana is the component that gets you high. However, there’s been a shift in focus to the compound known as CBD.

CBD is one of over 60 compounds found in the cannabis plant that belong to the classification cannabinoids. THC and CBD, both cannabinoids, are the most prevalent concentrations in the plant.  What is important to note here is that by using select breeding techniques, those in the industry involved in the medicinal space of marijuana can now breed specifically to concentrate higher CBDs while minimizing the THC content.


So what’s the buzz all about when it comes to CBDs?

University studies are proving there are some life-changing medical benefits to using medical marijuana.



The medical claims of study results include reduction of nausea and vomiting, suppresses seizure activity, combats psychosis disorders, and fights against neurodegenerative disorders. Additional claims include the theory that the marijuana medicine inhibits the growth of tumor and cancer cells, combats depression as well as anxiety disorders, and relieves pain, inflammation, and joint discomfort.

In order to understand how this is possible, we would have to consider our endo cannabinoid system.


Cannabinoid receptors exist within the human body, embedded within cell membranes. When these receptors are stimulated, the body responds. Researchers presently focus on two cannabinoid receptors: the CB1 (this is in the nervous system, connective tissues, gonads, glands, and organs) and the CB2, which is linked to our immune system.

Endocannabinoids are produced by our body and activate the receptor. Phytocannabinoids, which are plant substances that stimulate cannabinoid receptors, are found in the marijuana plant.



Modern Gladiator is probing the conversation on medical marijuana. In the months ahead, we will highlight and feature a series of articles and interviews with some key influencers in the marijuana industry.

We will provide in-depth conversations and investigate what is being described as “The Green Rush” of medical marijuana exploding into the market. We will consider what questions The Green Rush presents to the economic and social impact, and ask those who are deeply entrenched in the business of marijuana what they see as the future from their professional positions.

Get the 411 and then decide for yourself where you weigh in on the controversial commodity that has just changed the game in health and finances.


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