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A New Wave in Listening to Your Favorite Tunes

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Hear that music? The pulsating sound of the bass, the riff of the guitar, and the synchronistic sound of the drums? It’s like listening to your favorite music as it’s being produced in the studio.

What is this I’m referring to? Earphones—but not just any earphones (you get those when you buy your smartphone). These are Roam Ropes and they are awesome. Seriously.


Huge bonus – they’re Bluetooth!

Score one for the good guys. Ever get caught up in the wires of your headset or spend time untangling the wires? Yeah, me too. Freedom! from being tethered to your device.

The earphones come with a few different sizes so you can get a proper fit, which is great for a couple of reasons. Earbuds that are too big aren’t comfortable and earbuds that are too small fall out. But part of the brilliance in the design is how they are connected: the ropes, if you will, hang around your neck like a necklace and you can adjust the length of the ropes to your liking. No more losing headphones or wondering where you put them. In the Roam ropes is a microphone and buttons to adjust volume so you can talk on the phone with them as well. (No more little Bluetooth headphones falling out of your ear!)


The next aesthetic is a key differentiator in these headphones…and that is the equalizer. This little rectangle is connected to the ropes of the earphones and it makes it possible for the sound to be as good as it is. More on that later.

Roam Ropes come in three different colors: black, white, and orange for you fashion-conscious people out there. If you buy the orange ones, Roam Ropes donates $100 to Stand Up to Cancer—that’s pretty cool and very generous on their part…well done, guys.

Okay, enough about the aesthetics. Although we buy things because they look cool, the real reason to buy these earphones is because of the exceptional sound. Founder Steve Lamar has help create some other well known earphones when he collaborated with Dr. Dre on Beats headphones. Steve has also been in the audio industry for over ten years so he knows a thing or two about sound quality and how to deliver it.

What makes Roam Ropes different than all of the other headphones out there? The design, plain and simple. There are other Bluetooth headphones but none come with an equalizer and an app to enhance the type of music you are listening to with genre-specific presets already loaded on the app. The cool thing is if you want more or less of a specific setting, you can control that on your own too—kinda the best of both worlds.


I listened to a lot of different music when testing these; of course, hip hop, classical, country, and pop. I turned on some jazz too because I love Diana Krall. I listened to each genre along with the associated presets and I listened to the genres with different presets. Gotta be honest, I didn’t think I’d be able to tell a difference, but I could. Some presets made a bigger difference than others…but how cool is it that I have the option to do that?!

One thing I thought when I first got my Roam Ropes is how in the hell am I going to work out with these things? I’m an avid cyclist so I went for a ride. I just put the equalizer on my back instead of having it hang around my neck. I will say I could hear the music very well going 26 mph. With other earphones, I can’t hear my music when going that fast. Would I lift with these? Probably not, but Roam Ropes is coming out with sport earphones in the fall that won’t have a pendant and while still having the same technology. I will be very interested to try those out while running up the stairs at Red Rocks.

Now, you’re probably wondering, how much are these bad boys? With all of this technology, you would probably expect to pay $300 or $400 for them, but they are a mere $199 (and remember, Roam Ropes will donate $100 to Stand Up to Cancer if you buy the orange ones).

If you care about the audio quality of your music and phone conversations (let alone not losing your tenth pair of $30 headphones), then you’ll love Roam Ropes. You can purchase this great technology at If you do, I’d love to hear your thoughts on these headphones.


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