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Letter from the Editor

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Recall the days when you were a young lad sitting outside your home, daydreaming that you were that superhero you read about or watched on TV, or perhaps that “superstar” athlete you admired so much? You had desires to be strong, invincible, immovable—you wanted to strut your stuff for the world to see and admire, you wanted to change things, you desired to do good and be recognized for your achievements and make a difference.

Whatever happened to our dreams?

But somewhere along the way, life happened.  You got older and realized being a superhero wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, it required entirely too much work—and what guy wants to run around in a pair of tights and a weird cape, anyway? However, maybe you did go on to be that superstar athlete or perhaps you deviated from the course because it took too much time, work, and sacrifice.

Whatever happened to our dreams? Did they somewhere along the line get filed away in a “don’t dare to dream” folder?  If so, why?

Be that as it may, it doesn’t mean that we have to entirely abandon our dreams and aspirations, we still have those same desires to do good and be good at what we do and make a difference.

This modern world in which we live has a way of trying to “suck the life” right out of us and leave us in a state of hopelessness and despair-shattered dreams, as they were.

But now that we have put away the daydreams of boyhood, we now strive to be men of vision and confidence—therefore we don’t allow this world to rob us of our drive.

We focus, we persevere, and we move forward with the goals that can help us achieve the things in life we desire to accomplish.

For each of us, those goals can mean different things, but at the root, we’re the same:  We all desire to have a measure of good health, strong family ties, and to live in a world that we have had a small measure of improving upon—making things better than the way we found them and leaving a lasting footprint for future generations are the things that have made a difference in the sands of time.

Let’s therefore press on, men—let’s be vigilant together and make a difference! Abandoning the daydreams of a boy doesn’t mean that we have to abandon the hopes, dreams, and vision of being a man.

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