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What Can Having a ‘Big Why’ Mean to You?

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Backpacker is climbing the steep slope

Want to live longer and have a fuller life for those longer years? Get a “big why.”

A new study by Mt. Sinai Hospital presented on March 6, 2015 found the following:

“Having a high sense of purpose in life may lower your risk of heart disease and stroke…The new analysis defined purpose in life as a sense of meaning and direction, and a feeling that life is worth living. Previous research has linked purpose to psychological health and well-being, but the new Mount Sinai analysis found that a high sense of purpose is associated with a 23% reduction in death from all causes and a 19% reduced risk of heart attack, stroke, or the need for coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG) or a cardiac stenting procedure.”


Doug speaking about the BIG WHY

My friend and Life Purpose Guide Mike Valentine is fond of saying, “I decided long ago I was going to live on purpose or die trying!” But the reality appears that he’s not going to die trying; he will be living longer. Good call, Mike. I’m with him!

I knew that having a “big why” made my life much richer and more fulfilling. I knew I was having more fun, experiencing more joy, making more money, and truly impacting others’ lives in a positive way. The icing on top, on the bottom, and on the sides of the cake is…I’m going to be healthier and live longer as well.

Are you in? Are you in for a longer, healthier, more impactful life? All you need to do is get a clear, compelling “big why” for your life in 13 words or less. Extend your life starting today. Sit down and see if you can figure out your “big why” on your own. It’s just a passion coupled with a skill you possess. Or get my books and let them help you figure it out. I start each week of the four-book series, Massive Success with this very topic. Or get to one of my “Elevational Experiences.”

How about improving the lives and extending the longevity of your family, team, employees, or volunteers? Be a LIFE SAVER and get them the gift of a “big why.” A “big why” saves lives!


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