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Know Fear = NO Fear

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Most of us have no reason to believe the more we are aware of, admit, and accept fear, the less we have of it. Yet the more you look at fear, the more you see the truth that lies beyond it.

Here is a practical example of this: A mind filled with fear, self-doubt, worry, and insecurity is insane. Not many of us would argue about this. We could say that all of these are forms of fear, including insanity. We could even say all of these are insanity, including fear. Now here is the interesting phenomenon that happens with this. It takes a sane mind to be aware of, admit, and accept these fears of insanity. It is the sane and fearless mind that can see fear for what it is. It’s fascinating to see that when any fear in any form is looked upon with a sane mind, the fear is gone. Where did it go?

shining_lightAll shadows consciously brought to the light of awareness, seen and accepted for what they are, disappear.

We’ve heard the saying “all the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of just one candle.”

There is a light that shines in you but is not of you. It is the discovery of this that activates the transformative power of purpose to “live in this world, but not of it.” Against the shadows of the deepest and darkest fears, the magnificence of the light that shines within you is amplified. The more we look at fear, the more we become connected to the light of our own truth.


I recently wrote an article “A call to purpose for modern-day gladiators…and the hidden passages of Ego’s Last Stand.” In this article, there are 12 stages in the journey to Life On Purpose.

Those who have not yet discovered and realized their Life Purpose must go through fear to purpose. It is the shortest, most precise and surest way. The journey exposes the Gift you have to give, the Purpose you are here to live, and the Vision you have for a better self and world. The first 6 stages are traversing and transcending the fear of fear. I often say this is a place where we are so damned scared we are scared to see and face how scared we are.

Once we have moved through the fear of fear, the next 5 stages are directly facing fear itself. That is to say the awareness, admitting, and accepting of fear has us actually facing it. Every fear is a mirror of the fear of death. Once you have faced fully and moved through the fear of death, the death of fear is set in motion. All fear dies in the light of truth.

No Fear Concept

All fear is illusion—False Events Appearing Real (FEAR). Knowing this, Freedom is claimed to live fully On Purpose.

Discernment is to look upon fear and illusion and see it for what it is, yet to believe or judge it not. You will develop this ability in looking at admitting and accepting fear. Once you master discernment you will know yourself as the light that shines on all things which is “in this world, but not of it.”

Know Fear = No Fear, no shit! Face every fear in every form and you will know yourself as a modern gladiator living with uncommon, almost unheard of freedom, power, and purpose.

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