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The Inspiration of Art and the Power of Connecting

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Research behind the power of creativity

For 10,000 years, humans have used art to inspire ideas and connect tribes.

Today, “art” is the antidote to information overload, changing landscapes and employee disengagement. The Harvard Medical School reports that the serotonin produced during creative exploration supercharges learning and connects us to others. Creating is a fundamental human need.



Seth Godin, author of many bestselling books, discovered that assets matter. Successful organizations have realized that they are no longer in business of coining slogans, running catchy ads, and optimizing their supply chains to cut costs. Doing a good job at a fair price is no longer sufficient to guarantee success. What matters now is trust, permission, remarkability, leadership, stories that spread, and humanity. And here’s the thing: All six of these are the result of successful artists. They’re about standing out, not fitting in; about inventing, not duplicating.

Google Opens New Berlin Office


Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, a professor at the Claremont Graduate University and author of the book Flow, tracked highly creative people over three decades and discovered that many of them had no problem accessing the creative mind state in which people become so engrossed in tasks that they lose their sense of time and self-consciousness. Additionally, having strong motivation (plus the freedom to accomplish them) was very important for career satisfaction and the production of the best creative work.

No wonder the most successful companies around (Apple, Google, Zappos..) allow creativity to thrive. Eschewing traditional corporate paradigms, they deliberately create environments, tools, and dedicated thinking time to stimulate innovative solutions.

Frankfurt Book Fair - Day 5


Tapping into creativity at work and at home:

  • Change your daily work routine (be at work at 9:00 instead of 8:00, switch office space with a co-worker for a day…)
  • Vary your office surroundings: move furniture, add plants, add art!
  • Hold your next meeting outside
  • Make your next meeting more interactive – rotate leadership and be deliberate about sharing and generating new ideas
  • Learn from mistakes (such as what does not work for your company or business) and start to concentrate on how to improve the things that work

Who we are …

A pair of dynamic, high-energy women and artists. One European, and one American—both with strong business backgrounds and a passion for using art to foster creative thinking and breakthrough innovation. And, because we appreciate the inspirational and healing effects of art, we devote significant personal time and skills to non-profits.

What people are saying about their connecting with art…

“Loved it. It was fun, unique, different and gave people something to do if they needed a break from dancing/networking!” –Carol P, Executive Assistant, ViaWest Inc.

“The Art Connection created an experience that truly reflected our company’s personality. People absolutely loved the art project. The teams created such amazing pieces, we hung them up in our offices!” Rebecca M, Director of Marketing, First Western Trust

“This experience was excellent – particularly in light of the fact we had over 100 kids from 8 to 16 years old that day, and the Art Connection ladies handled each age group with flexibility and creativity. Our goal was to produce finished art canvases to highlight what our kids thought of our company, and it was a smashing success!” Bob McGrath, Marketing Manager, EchoStar

Want to take our creative culture quiz? Need more ideas on how to tap into your creativity? Please call us at 720-936-4830 or visit our website,

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