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Gladiator Spotlight: Mike Valentine—Man by Design: Modern Gladiator on Purpose!

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MIKE VALENTINE – Life Purpose Guide and founder of On Purpose Now Guidance Systems

Modern Gladiator’s life purpose expert Mike Valentine has a unique view of the world, as he’s driven to help everyone discover their unique Gift, Purpose, and Vision. Modern Gladiators who have enlisted Mike’s expertise as a Life Purpose Guide find a powerful journey of awakening in the realization of their Greater Selves, allowing their lives to move to the next level in all aspects.

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Many people want to know more and understand better what the process is, what it does, and what it can yield. Mike Valentine says it’s a one-way trip that can be rough and painful, but the ending can give participants remarkable self-awareness and results.

What are the On Purpose Now Guidance Systems?

They are designed to keep us connected to our purpose as the primary thrust in our life, so we are consistently claiming life from purpose and seeing life through purpose. The Guidance System name came to us when we agreed we didn’t want something rigid, which would cast us into fear of time and money, the dialogue and inquiry.

Everything On Purpose Now does is about freedom from fear through a shift in purpose, awakening in the power and presence of love.

What motivated you to be a life purpose guide?

It’s not fair to say that I was motivated. I was born in east Houston, I grew up next to the streets—in that we never starved but literally were just the other side of the track from the dark side. All the bad stuff that happens to a young kid happened to me so I needed something to pull me through…and it was purpose.

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When I was 7, my parents came back from a trip to Acapulco. They told me of starving Mexican children. I cried. I had two bicycles and wanted to send one to Mexico to those children. My dad said no—essentially saying I couldn’t help other people. I developed stomach ulcers worrying about the children in Mexico and one day, doubled over and fell to the ground. Something inside of me said there’s something more here.

Although I couldn’t say it then, it was a sense of purpose in my DNA, in my genes to help others. I was incarnated to help people discover their gift, their purpose and create their future.

Skeptics may ask “Who needs a life coach?”…or empowered people may claim they don’t need one.

No one needs one—because what they need is inside of them. It’s already there. What I do add for people is speed, clarity, and power. I traveled the turf so I know where the canyons are, where your bridge is out…I can see those things for them. There are two groups of people who end up working with me: people who are incredibly successful by all standards, have opportunity before them, and know whatever got them here is not going to take them to the next level. The discovery of their gift purpose and vision is appealing as a new power. Another end of people know they have what it takes but are in some sort of spiritual, emotional, or psychological pain. For example, in 2011 and early 2012, I reenacted 17 rapes in the process of discovering life purpose. The purpose and the gift lay hanging underneath people’s deepest grief and emerged like a shining treasure against that shadow. You can see it clearly. The purpose and the gift lay hanging underneath people’s deepest grief and emerged like a shining treasure against that shadow. You can see it clearly.

Modern Gladiators and those who want to live their best life come in all ages. Do different ages need different types of coaching and have different issues?

Yes. I’ve done work with ages ranging from 10 to 78 but the bulk of my work is with people between 40 and 60. Their defenses are so thick that they can’t see themselves anymore.

They need to now shed the Ego and return to their truth. I have a multi-step process called “Ego’s Last Stand” and we work through all the steps to peel through layers to your true self.

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I just finished working with an academic woman who was starting into a new executive position. Once her Ego was dropped, she found her purpose, but the work we did so affected her, it spilled over from an original work focus into her marriage. She is now recalibrating every area of her life to line up with her new direction and orientation of purpose.

Is there a difference in the process of “Ego’s Last Stand” for women and men?

Yes. Men are tougher to surrender. The masculine response is to challenge and test. The feminine response tends to be joy and response and opening up. Men can be driven by schedules and regimens, while women love to see the organic unfolding.

To learn more about “Ego’s Last Stand,” read Mike’s article in Modern Gladiator:

On Purpose Guidance Systems talks about creating sustainable life changes. How is it possible?

It’s a one-way trip. When someone does the work to discover their life purpose, they see the anatomy of the Ego in such a grotesque form that they can never joyfully do that behavior again.

They want to vomit. They’re almost always tearful. The events are academic, but it’s where their heart was broken. I’ve heard stories of everything from rape to being cut from the junior varsity baseball team as a teenager—but remember, the heartbreak is the same. It is a script my clients run over and over and over, and then we reveal the correlated behaviors associated with those beliefs and what permanent changes are needed.

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An example would be the alcoholic that admits he’s an alcoholic. Now he can no longer drink joyfully, so that’s it—it’s over and he can no longer engage that system of drinking. Once behaviors change and purpose is found, everything changes and new joy and excitement is afoot. I say to people, “If you’re not ready to change, do not engage with me because you’ll come to a point of no return.”

How can gladiators enlist your services and are they expensive?

Please call me. If we talk for 15 minutes, my goal is to help you in that 15 minutes whether you hire me or not. My purpose is to empower freedom from fear, awakening through a shift to purpose—and for anyone interested in that, I help them by serving my purpose.

How to contact Mike: 303-842-6020



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  1. Doug Osness Doug Osness says:

    Mike is worth your time! I have done the coaching with him and I promise you it will radically improve your life, your purpose and your joy in life. Invest in yourself.

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