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Popular Vacation Spots For 2015!

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Are you thinking of taking a vacation this year and wondering where to go?

There are certain places that remain popular for all the right reasons and other places that are very new to the vacation scene.


Europe remains one of the most popular places to visit.  In order to visit Europe, you have to take into account that airfare is going to be rather high.  If it’s only two people going, it’s not too hard on the budget, but if you plan on taking the whole family, get ready to double or even triple your budget.  It takes a lot of pre-planning to come up with the right accommodations for a family, as hotels in Europe are generally not like ours in the U.S.  If you don’t plan a year in advance, you may be very limited on hotel availability.

The key word: Plan early with your travel consultant! A travel consultant can make sure you have all the right connections, whether it be by car, taxi, air, or train.

Still number one at the top of the list of vacation destinations: Italy! Why? Because it’s so full of art, history, good food and, in short, is a beautiful country.

Earth Bleeds Water (Geothermal Energy in Iceland)Iceland

Another place that has gained a lot of popularity is Iceland. You have to visit the Blue Lagoon. I promise you, my clients have just loved this place with its warm water and magical setting.




The emerald island is a place you won’t want to miss, so put it on your bucket list of places to visit.  The beauty of this place is only enhanced by the friendly people of Ireland.  Consider a chauffeur-driven visit to Ireland, where you can sit back and enjoy the beauty of this island while you learn about each location from your private driver (who does an excellent job of not only driving but also sharing the history of this beautiful island).


ParisRiver Cruising

Big ship cruises have always been possible, but if you are into a cruise that is all-inclusive and you wish to stay away from the crowds that frequent big ship cruises, think river cruises, which generally hold 200 or fewer people. River cruises are primarily found in Europe and include not only your meals but also your drinks and excursions. I’m a certified expert on river cruising and can help you pick the perfect one for you!



91a6e814e4376761be7a20968c1052c1Mexico and the Caribbean

Because of our close proximity, Mexico and the Caribbean remain ever popular for sun and sand lovers.  No one does all-inclusives better than Mexico.  They have some of the best chefs in many of their 4- and 5-star resorts.  Currently, it would be difficult to get into a resort in Mexico…they are nearly sold out for the Christmas season, and agents everywhere have been furiously booking for the upcoming spring break season.  If you’re thinking of going to Mexcio or the Caribbean this spring, better get going! Your favorite resort may not be available soon.



This is another place that if you don’t book well in advance, it’s very difficult to find the perfect place for you.  As of yesterday, I could only find a couple hotels available for the holiday season.  If you find anything at all, it will most likely be a 3-star or very high end (expensive) hotel.  Christmas and New Year are popular times to visit many places but it’s also the most expensive time of the year.




Now for the exotic.  Cambodia and Vietnam are fast becoming popular places to visit.  Both countries can be visited by river cruising or touring.  You will love the food in Vietnam, where their baguettes rival some of the best restaurants in Paris.  Then there’s the history and culture of the region.  Your pocketbook will love these two countries as well—travel and accommodations are cheap.  Of course, there’s also China, which is also steeped in rich culture and history.  You can do river cruising in China but you will also have to do some flying due to the size of this country.


machu picchuLatin America

Machu Picchu will dazzle you with the remains of a once-strong Inca empire.  This is definitely an adventure destination.  Be prepared to hike and visit with the people of this region.  While you’re in this region of the world, why not visit the Galapagos Islands or take a ride down the Amazon River too?




Last but not least on my personal list is Africa.  Don’t let the Ebola issue scare you, as this continent is giant in size and thousand of miles away from Liberia.  You have to visit South Africa, where you can not only visit the exciting game reserves but also see one of the largest falls in the world—Victoria Falls—and the Cape of Good Hope.  This is another country that is rich in culture, history, and of course beautiful wild animals.

So what are you waiting for? Let Much-Needed Vacations help you plan your trip for 2015 or even 2016.  It’s not too early to make reservations.

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