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Fall/Winter 2014-2015 Men’s Fashion Trends

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No more shorts and fleece in the winter.

It is time again to say goodbye to khakis and summer shirts! I certainly can wait for the winter—there goes my favorite season of the year. Also say goodbye to shorts—no more shorts for you Colorado guys. I know you love them and some wear them all year. But I’m here to help. Now repeat after me: “No more shorts and fleece in the winter.”

Let’s take a look at what will be in this cold season. No matter what the style, you have to make sure that it fits your personality and body shape…please do not become a fashion victim! Following trends is very subjective. Some people like to follow all the trends, while others prefer to take one or two and incorporate them in their wardrobe and styling. As always, I would recommend to have a solid wardrobe and incorporate one or two pieces. I am a strong believer in “fashion fades but style is eternal”—a YSL concept. Here are the trends:

No matter what the style, you have to make sure that it fits your personality and body shape…please do not become a fashion victim!

Color Trend: Green, orange, blue, and camel.

For the days where you are in need of a neutral kind of color, stick with camel or blue. Otherwise you can choose any type of green that suits your complexion, orange if you feel bold, or simply stick with black and gray—a lot of it has also been seen on the catwalk.


Slim Pants

Slim pants usually work well on guys who have slim frames. Remember that slim pants does not mean tight pants: If you want to wear slim pants this fall, you should always check that you don’t look strangled in your pants or as if they are about to pop a seam. If you are bigger, you can adapt to this trend by sticking with fitted pants.

Slim pants can be worn regardless of the setting; you can wear them in a casual and in a formal setting as well.



Mix and match, embroidered, multi-colored, patterned, oversized, cable knits…anything goes in terms of knitwear this fall/winter season. Turtlenecks are most popular in London or Paris, but New York is also indulging in this trend. Whether it is a big knit fisherman’s sweater or a turtleneck under your suit, you need to add some of these into your wardrobe.



For the fall/winter 2014-2015 season, the outerwear trend is more classic, very concise, and simple.The coats provided for this season are suitable both for business meetings and for an evening walk in the park or even for a trip out of town. Of course, there were a lot of fur coats and the enlarged shoulder Chicago gangster style on the runway, but I’m going to focus on the classic for the simple reason that a classic will last forever. Each of the showcased pieces will never go out of style. These are classic wardrobe staples that will give you the right dose of comfort, warmth, and style.

fall_fashion.9 fall_fashion.10


Oversized Bags

All right, guys—join the club. It seems like the extra large bags are all the buzz for fall/winter 2014-2015. Do you need one? Get one if you have enough stuff to fill the bag with, otherwise it would just look ridiculous to run around with an oversized empty bag.

fall_fashion.15 fall_fashion.16

Enjoy your shorts for the remainder of the summer and remember, no shorts and fleece in the winter! As always, your comments are welcome and if you need help updating your wardrobe, contact me at!

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