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A “Call to Purpose” for Modern Day Gladiators! Will YOU Answer the Call?

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A call to purpose for modern-day gladiators
and the hidden passages of Ego’s Last Stand.

As a life purpose guide, I encounter all kinds of situations to work intimately with people in real issues. I met a man for coffee who was interested in what I’d learned about using life purpose to live healthier. I asked him to tell me about himself. “The wife is moody. The kids are bratty. The bank account is low. The waistline is big and getting bigger. I drink too much and my dad is mean as hell and I still resent him.” The man was 42 years old.

I said to him, “Jimmy, it’s a man’s work to give his gift, live his purpose, and build the vision he has for a better self and world, no matter what. Either you’re going to do that or you aren’t. If you are, I can help you. If you’re not, I’ll pay for the coffee and we can both move on.” I think what happened next surprised us both. His eyes welled up with tears. He said to me, “I don’t know my gift and purpose. How could I find it?” I said, “That’s easy: We’ll look under your deepest heartbreak and find that you buried it right there. It lays there like a shining treasure just waiting to be discovered.” He was ready to go to work.

ship at sea

A man without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder. There are some men that you couldn’t stop from living their life purpose no matter what you do to them. Living led by an inspiring purpose is not for the weak and faint of heart; it takes real courage. Weak men won’t live their purpose no matter what. They’d rather have their drama and excuses. Then there is a third group that really would go for it if only they knew what it is or how to discover it. This was the group Jimmy was in when he and I had coffee.

Every man will live and die in service of something. The question is will it be your ego or your purpose for living?

Below is a 12-stage map of Ego’s Last Stand. See if you can identify which stage you’re in on your own journey. The stages ahead and behind can help you understand where you are and illuminate the way forward.

1. The Rat Race – Everyday life (really, the death march). On the treadmill spending time making money (mind-made illusions). Hoping to save money and buy time later to do what is important. Later never comes. – Are you lost in the death march?

2. A Call to Purpose – Destiny beckons. Could be there is more to life, a purpose? – Do you hear a call?

3. Fear AnswersNO. Who am I to live a life of purpose? – Will you spend your life in service of fear?

4. Inspiration Urges – A guide, mentor, scout, coach, teacher, book, movie, or a vision illuminates The Light and The Way. (Sometimes pain makes us willing.) There is a glimpse: “Maybe I can do it.” – Do you think maybe you can?

5. The Heart Answers the Call – This is a point of no return. Life will never be the same. – Will you say yes?

6. The Ego Strikes Back – Fear storms and shadows retaliate. Insanity is launched in self-doubt, insecurity, worry, judgment, pain, illusions, and the limits of mortality. Old ways do not work anymore. The road gets narrower. – Will you stay the course?

7. Sharpening the Saber of Love – Courage is the “cutting edge” of love. Giving your gift, living your purpose, and building the vision for a better self is The Way. Where the love cuts, life is given. – Will you learn The Way?

8. Facing the Fear of Death  The truth that death is a realized awakening. What dies is fear, the ego, through acceptance. Conversely, the beginning of love is the end of the ego. Your omnipresent strength and omnipotent power are revealed facing the fear of death. – Will you find your strength facing your deepest fear?

9. Living the Death of Fear – When love meets all fears, they fall away. The secrets are revealed. The skill of giving your gift and living on purpose in spite of fear and doubt is developed. Knowing you are reliable to live on purpose you move from called to commissioned.   The gifts and treasures of The Way are claimed. The path is illuminated. – Will you let faith in fear go?

Clairon - Clarion - 19th century

Will You Answer The Call

 10. Ground Zero. The Bottom of your Heart – You feel the wind change.   No longer fighting and dying, you come to know love worth dying for is also worth living for. Now facing the fear of living and loving fully, acting confidently with faith and courage becomes second nature (replacing pressures of the fears of death, time, and money). * You are intrinsically motivated to share what you know expanding love of your self, life and others. – Will you give your gift, live your purpose, and build the vision you have?

11. Ego’s Last Stand – The fear of love and the ego itself is dissolved into your purpose for life. Make it your goal to live on purpose.  The way of love is the way of life. Know fear = no fear. – Are you willing to admit your fear of love?

12. Now is the only time there is for giving the gift, living the purpose, building a vision for a better self and world. Know love = love. In this moment of truth, will you meet destiny answering the call, doing the work of your life?

You have a gift to give…this is the fuel for your journey. You have a purpose to live…this is your thrust. You have a vision of a better world…this is your compass. Will you make the shift?

Now is the only time there is for giving the gift, living the purpose, building a vision for a better self and world.

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