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“The Cup Effect!” Influencing Men’s Summer Hairstyles

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There as been an obvious influence of the World Cup and it can be seen in the summer hairstyle trends for men. Soccer has officially established itself in America, and breakout stars are influencing the summer hair trends. Fans of the sportand most barbers and stylists that work with men’s hairwill know Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo by name. Known for his athleticism and his innovative hairstyles, Cristiano is leaving as much an impact in fashion as he is on the field.

Summer always leads toward hairstyles that are easier to care for and well-suited for outdoor activity, so a fashion-forward soccer star is a natural person to look to as a trendsetter. Check out just some of the styles that Cristiano has recently shown up with, and pick out one that suits you. Odds are, you’ll see several other men sporting similar looks this summer.

Check out these summer styles and leave a commentwe at Modern Gladiator would love to hear your feedback!

Cristiano image 1

Style 1

Cristiano image 2

Style 2

Christiano image 3

Style 3

Cristiano image 4

Style 4

Cristiano image 5

Style 5

Cristiano image 6

Style 6


















Photo source: Sporteology
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