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Do You Dare Unlock the Power of Creative Confidence?

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Do you want to add creative confidence?

Does your inner voice tell you that you are not creative?  Did a schoolteacher or family member ever tell you that you would never be good at ART?

Don’t listen—you are!   In this issue of MG, we want to introduce a few of The Art Connection staff’s favorite reads on people/creativity/leadership and innovation.  Here’s your summer reading list—get ready to be inspired!



Creative Confidence by David Kelley

When you hear the word “creativity,” what do you think of next?  If you are like many people, your mind immediately leaps to artistic endeavors like sculpture, drawings, music, or dance.  You may equate “creative” with “artistic.”

You may believe that architects and designers are paid to be creative thinkers, but CEOs, lawyers, and doctors are not.  Or you may feel that being creative is a fixed trait, like having brown eyes—either you’re born with creative genes, or you’re not.



A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink

The last few decades have belonged to a certain kind of person with a certain kind of mind: computer programmers who could crank code, lawyers who could craft contracts, MBAs who could crunch numbers.  But the keys to kingdom are changing hands.  The future belongs to a very different kind of person with a different kind of mind….



Unthink by Erik Wahl

Unleash your fearless creativity.  In Unthink, artist and entrepreneur Erik Wahl pushes the boundaries of traditional thought patterns to unleash the creative genius that resides in all of us.  You can be both intelligent and intuitive, tactical and pioneering, calculated and creative—you just have to reconnect with who you were before traditional education and corporate culture dulled your artistic senses.



Leadership as a Hero’s Journey by Eric Kaufmann

This book, like the hero’s journey, is for seekers.  Your job is not just to do, but to think.  I’ve written this book to be thought provoking.  The journey we’re embarking on together is one of leadership philosophy and psychology, not just prescriptive formulas.



The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin

We are all artists now. How long are you going to wait?  They told you to get your resume in order, to punch your ticket, to fit in, and to follow instructions.  They told you to swallow your pride, not to follow your dream.  They promised trinkets and prizes and possibly riches if you would just suck it up and be part of the system, if you would merely do what you were told and conform….


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