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Men’s Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion Trends

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fashion-article-floral-shirt-with-suitSpring is around the corner, if you are like me, you are more than ready to put your sweaters and heavy coats away! Here are the spring 2014 fashion trends you can look forward to when the snow clears away. The majority of men’s collections shown this year were athletic and preppy. There were also a lot of printed pants, jackets, and suits in the mix, men’s style is definetely more flashy in 2014!


Men’s floral will be everywhere this spring! Florals have been seen on every runway. Remember, if Gucci’s full-on print suit is not your style, you can always inject some of the pattern into your wardrobe with your summer swim shorts and for Those of you who still want some florals but don’t want to be out and about in popping floral and bold designs , you may appreciate the looks of a floral shirt with a more toned-down looks like the one on the second picture.


fashion-1Forties and Fifties American influences were all over the catwalks this season with loose-cut pants hitting high on the waist and spread collars of fifties casual wear, chalk stripe details and prints and collars worn out over jackets. Kim Jones, the menswear designer for Vuitton was inspired by an American road trip, very “Kerouac” look , if I may say so.


shortsLong shorts reaching the knee with wide shapes undoubtedly inspired by the practical gear used in sports such as football or basketball, the voluminous cuts is also a reaction against the numerous versions of fitted shorts . The athletic influence goes beyond footwear this Spring/Summer 2014.


bomberjacketDesigners’ appetite for the humble and hugely versatile bomber shows no sign of fading; they recreated them to feature luxurious fabrics, more tailored cuts, innovative fastening formats and colourful prints the only challenge is which print and finish to look for. The bomber jacket really suits everyone! When you go shopping for one, make sure the sleeves don’t hang past your upper wrist, and that the coat has a slim silhouette to keep it from looking too bulky.


tunicLoose-fitting tunics , either with grandad or regular collars , were all over the catwalks, they were worn mostly under close-cut tailoring with a hint of hem sticking out from under the jacket. If you would like to try the tunic trend, be sure the length falls below the butt but not so far as mid-thigh because if it’s too long it can easily look like a dress. The slightest difference in length can change the type of shirt you are wearing.


camo jacket-fashionThere were lots of different printed jackets this year, from plaid to floral. Even camouflage is back! This trend has consistently come and gone and unlike double- breasted jackets, it’s not a refreshing come back, Return to the army apparel at your own risk! If you do insist on wearing camouflage use it as accents or a single statement piece. For printed jackets the best way to wear them is to pair it with solid-colored shorts or pants.


suitsHead-to-toe white was the most noticeable trend to come off the catwalks this season.I suggest you add in a touch of color for interest , The trick with wearing all white is to make sure textures contrast to keep it from becoming tacky.

Loose Suits

loosesuits-2The new tailoring emphasized fluid lines, softer fabrics, longer jackets, and looser pants.

Just as men were finally getting comfortable with the idea of a form fitting suit that flatters their figure, the runways roll out with loose fitting double breasted suits from the 80s. If you want your suit to look more fluid with your movement, opt for one that is tailored short in the body and fitted well around the waist or simply stick with your perfectly fitted suit, Fashion comes and goes. You can take the classic suit and freshen it up for a new season. Taking inspiration from the 1980s, you can pair it with bright and playful colors and prints, a colorful pocket squares peeping over tailored suit pockets are a real nod to the 80s.


shoesEspadrilles and brightly colored trainers are the must have footwear for Spring/Summer. Designers such as Christian Louboutin and Valentino are embracing the espadrille; the humble beach shoe was given a makeover.

Interested to become more fashion forward but need some guidance to keep an appropriate balance for work? Want your suits to be a little bit more playful without going over the top? Feeling adventurous with your wardrobe and want to step it up a bit? Contact

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