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Go Big with Art in Small Spaces

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Living with Art in Small Spaces

Since 1973, the average home in America has drastically increased in size.  According to the National Association of Home Builders, the average American home was 1600 square feet in 1973 and increased to 2500 square feet in 2007.  Interestingly, the average American home today is 2380 square feet and the NAHB predicts that homes will become even smaller and greener by 2015.

“Bigger is not always better…”

The charm and beauty of small living quarters depends on the creative and stylish ways we decorate them.  Decoration and organization plays a major role when living in a small space.

When living in small spaces, art is one thing you don’t have to give up.  Art can heighten a room or make it seem larger, depending on the art you choose.

Layering art


art article-1Larger and smaller art can be displayed informally by layering art pieces on the floor against a wall.  Or, you could hang art—different or same sizes, from photography to canvas art—on a main wall: Arrange them from top to bottom, using up the whole wall.  Another way is to place an art piece or multiple art pieces (layering) on top of a console or fireplace, letting them lean against the wall instead of hanging them up.

Statement pieces

art article-2Placing a bold, large painting over a bed or love seat can make a small space feel expansive.

When placing art above a bed, you want to make sure the art is reflecting peace and relaxation.  Soft, muted tones or relaxing scenes of oceans and landscapes can be used to achieve just that.

Mini art gallery

Direct your attention to the kitchen.  Your refrigerator can be the perfect platform to display your family or friends’ photos.  Make sure you get same size photographs and place them in rows equal to each other and fully cover the front of your refrigerator (use double sided sticky tape to adhere).  Another way is to simply paint the front with charcoal paint and draw your own masterpiece on it.


art article-3

A large piece of tapestry visually expands a room or studio.  To add depth, hang the tapestry high so the eye is drawn upward.  Depending on your overall décor, the bolder the tapestry, the better.


art article-4Another way to bring interest to a small space is with accessories.  For example, arrange vases in different shapes and colors on a side table or console.  And don’t forget your collections: paperweights, glass bottles, and figurines make great mini art installations.

Tip:  Hunt through your local thrift store for accessories or art—you might be lucky and find some treasures.

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